Yoga 30 Days? + Day 1

And so it began.

A week ago (maybe?), I stumbled across a video from youtube channel Yoga With Adrienne that was about yoga for absolute beginners.

I decided to give it a try and found that, man, yoga is hard! I could barely keep up the pace lol, but instead of discouraging me, it made me interested in incorporating more of it into my daily routine.

The only reason I decided to try it was because I can’t seem to motivate myself to do any workouts at home. I have completely regressed since gyms have closed down and it’s been really hard to try to get back as active as I was.

The problem is, my body is suffering a LOT because of it. It almost feels like my body has gone into a type of shock from going from being really active to being absolutely still for over a MONTH.

I have been having so much pain in my back, shoulders and neck. All the while cracking bones in places I don’t remember cracking before lol.

Moving house actually helped me regain some of that fitness back and I saw how much better I felt after a few days of heavy lifting and whatnot. But then I got settled in and started getting lazy again.

I’m having more anxiety, I’ve been getting easily stressed, my quick breathing is becoming more apparent again. Not to mention the physical aspects such as gaining all my weight back. o_o


So after trying this Yoga video, I saw that she actually had a challenge (granted it’s from YEARS ago lol) where you were to try to do Yoga everyday for 30 days, for beginners!

I just got through with Day 1 today.


It was tough towards the end. But what I liked about the video was how well the routine flowed for a beginner or someone whose way more stiffer than others.

Each video seems to be about thirty minutes long. And it’s almost like you’re doing 10 minutes of complete stretching and breathing, 10 minutes of stretching and exercises and 8 minutes of exercising… and the last 2 minutes are stretching and breathing again lol.

At least, that’s what Day 1 felt like lol.


You know, I’m pretty excited about this! So I’m going to try and stick with it. For the next 30 (well 29 now) days, I want to follow each one of her yoga videos and see how I feel by the end of it.

I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better.


That’s why I enjoy exercising as it is. Already, sitting here typing this I feel a lot more relaxed and at ease. I don’t feel as tight and tense as I did when I first started and I feel more alert.

So yeah, I’m sure it will reap great results. Just gotta get through it first.

Perhaps I will update everyday after I get done doing my yoga session? Ok. Well, let me go ahead and write out my starting point… I guess?


Starting Point: I have a lot of back pain and a lot of shoulder pain, primarily in my left shoulder. My bones crack a LOT and sometimes my ankles hurt. Also, my knees. I’ve been really worried about my knees lately. Every now and then, they hurt a little, mainly in my left knee. I have been VERY sluggish lately, really anxious and easily stressed. It’s hard for me to get and maintain energy to even do simple things these days. I sleep in when I can most of the time and I’ve started staying up later and later every night. I’ve also started feeling kind of unbalanced when I walk and I have a hard time focusing sometimes.


I’ve written down other stats as well such as my measurement and whathaveyou but I won’t be reporting that here. 😉

I’m a little excited to see what my ending point will be after this challenge. Let’s hope I stick to it!


Love you. Mean it!


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