Will, Jada and Rock

I’m sure everybody know about the Slap by now…

But I’m…. kind of appalled at how much stuff people are letting slide by.

Just like in my previous quote post I said “don’t meet a campfire with a volcanic eruption”.

First of all, who knows if it was even real. I’m not gonna close the door to that at all seeing as this was between two great actors and Hollywood is all for distractions.

But let’s say it is real… it’s still unnerving how many people are trying to justify uncalled for physical assault.

That was not a “call to defend” that was misplaced rage through and through.

Will could’ve absolutely matched words with words. Stood right at his seat and exclaimed the same expletives he shouted after randomly assaulting Chris. It would’ve carried the same effect without making Will look like he was completely without self control.

Personally, I feel like this was Will’s sock on the floor moment.

I’ve heard this before about when couples have a lot of pent up frustrations and resentment toward one another, but they never fully express that. They never completely get all of their feelings out.

And so time will carry on with them trying to make everything seem like it’s OK and then one day… someone sees a dirty sock on the floor… and all hell breaks loose.

Ultimately, it was never about the sock. The sock was the least of their worries. It was really everything else that had been bottled up for so long.

And I, personally, feel like that’s exactly what happened between Will, Jada and Chris. Chris’ joke just happened to be the sock on the floor.

And this is why I don’t justify Will’s actions.

Simply because he has allowed so much resentment from his past to bottle up til now it’s physically affecting people outside of his household and NOBODY should be justifying that or normalizing that, and especially not such a public and influential figure.

Black Women Need Protection…

I’m a black women myself. And I’ve been the bud of a lot of jokes. I’ve been in numerous situations where I had to defend myself from black men and AROUND black men so yes, I absolutely love the idea of black men in our community defending the women in this community more.

I don’t think anyone anywhere truly has a problem with the fact that Will wanted to defend his family. In fact, I COMMEND it!

What I don’t commend is how he went about it.

Physical assault should not be a first resort. Everyone keeps bringing up that Chris has joked about Jada before, and I get that. But like I said before, Will could’ve matched words with words FIRST.

If you notice, it was when Will started screaming that really made Chris (and everyone else) back down because he was still joking after he got slapped.

I’m sorry, even though I love that Will showed his protective side, I don’t agree at all with physical assault… at least not for the first resort.

It’s not like Chris spent half his show mocking Jada nor did he threaten her in anyway. It was a poor joke, no doubt about it. But even in the clip, as soon as Chris noticed her disgust in his joke he moved on.

Will could’ve told Chris to shove it then and been done with it. People have done it before. But to go from giggles to assault? SMH…

Chris didn’t deserve assault, point blank. He may have deserved being cussed out from the audience… but I’m pretty sure if Will would’ve yelled first, Chris would’ve quickly got the memo and definitely moved on.

If he didn’t and kept antagonizing him and especially Jada… well then…. not saying I still agree, but a slap to the face would’ve been more justified.

The Reason I’m Saying Something

Going from 0 to a hundred ain’t cool. The world is full of people like that already.

Who don’t know self control. They let things bottle up and don’t know how to express themselves.

And so they express themselves through abuse, domination, instilling fear, shooting, killing, fighting, murdering. If you say something that seems harmless to you, most people get instantly angry instead of calmly letting you know like hey, that’s not cool.

The world is full of very aggressive, self seeking, instantaneous individuals and with a random assault, Will just reaffirmed them all.

Will just successfully got most of the world to coddle him for resorting to physical abuse as the first defense and that’s NOT cool.

THAT’S why I’m saying something. Because it’s like watching our men bounce from one extreme to another.

And I get it. I’ve reacted emotionally and I know a lot of men and women react emotionally. It can be hard to think straight sometimes, I get it.

Will needs to LEARN from this, not be coddled and told its OK and he did what a man was supposed to do. Then you all are just reaffirming to him that assault is OK even for the most minor things.

This is a man on the edge, completely. And he really needs to get out what’s bothering him and stop trying to be Mr. Macho in areas where he clearly feels unprotected and vulnerable.

It’s a step in the right direction, for Black men to finally see and understand that black women need to be protected. But let’s not bounce to another extreme. There are ways to handle everything, ok?

Love you. Mean it!

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