When We Believe

Recently I have begun to understand, I confess
That the world I live in now is a chaotic spiritual mess
What at once I perceived to be a way I was relieved
Has now been revealed to me that I was actually deceived

And Lord, please forgive, forgive my shortcomings indeed
For I had no other way to salvation aside from the grace bestowed on me
And the future I felt I knew and thought I was prepared to fight
You have revealed to me an entirely new world in which all is required is Your Light

I hadn’t believed when I should’ve and it’s caused me great delay
But now, here I stand, walking in Your Glory and Your Way
Single handedly I have witnessed you heal at my emotional plead
With eyes full of tears and a pure heart, my faith to You was received

Jesus asked all the time to one where a miracle was received
Before He was moved to act, He would always ask “Do you believe?”
Not “do you know that I can heal you?” or “did you read those five star reviews?”
Jesus knew what He could do, He just wanted to know if we believed it too

It puts a whole new perspective on the Bible for me
I can’t win over God with any tears or any good deed
It is the faith that I have surrendered that pleases Him no doubt
My faith is what keeps me from feeling that I’m going without

His Glory is too vast, knowledge unfolding at every stance,
We may think we’re making leaps but to God, we’re still not advanced
He has healed, He has comforted, He has loved, He has sealed
He has blessed, He’s convicted, He’s directed, He will shield

He gives us everything and more, and won’t forsake us so we see
That He is God Almighty, who shows up when we believe.

Love you. Mean it!

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