Went For A Walk Today

Heh, it’s funny that I’ve been here over a year and today was my first time walking around the block.

I’ve been having breathlessness issues recently, and I’ve already gone to the doctor, had blood drawn and I’m currently waiting for results. Today. though, was just incredibly unbearable.

I’ve been taking an antibiotic, I also tried taking an iron pill just to see if it would help (it didn’t). I’m currently waiting on blood tests, and am scheduled to get a chest scan tomorrow.

Today’s breathlessness seemed so bad, I decided to go to the ER only to walk right back out because there was a 3 hour wait to be seen. DX


So, while I wait for answers, I decided to try going for a walk today. And while I’m still feeling breathless, I’ve noticed a great correlation between being active and being able to breathe better and for longer.

I’ll Admit…

Since the pandemic and having to work home, getting any physical exercise has been next to non-existent. I have no motivation really to get outside and go for a walk, and I definitely don’t walk as much as I used to when being able to go to my office.

And for the past couple of months, the sedentary blob in me REALLY unraveled with not having the motivation to do much of anything!!

So perhaps it all caught up with me?

It could also be a range of other things, but as of now, since I don’t have many answers I have to do SOMETHING to try and combat this feeling.

And the walk seemed to do the trick!


It was a lovely day too! A clear and sunny evening for a brisk thirty-minute walk and I felt a lot better.

Currently, I’m still trying to catch my breath, but it’s a lot easier to do. So I’m going to try and incorporate a daily walk everyday to see if it helps any.

Yeah, I’ve been saying since the year started that I wanted to get in shape but just didn’t have any motivation to do so.

Well, I would think breathing is a GREAT motivator wouldn’t you think? Geez.


Love you. Mean it!

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