Transplanting Day!

Well, sorta.

One of the cherry tomato seedlings as well as the cilantro seedlings are between 2-3 inches tall with 2 sets of true leaves forming, so I figured it was a good time to get half the box transplanted.

I never thinned ANY of my seedlings because I’m hoping to save them all. And that’s exactly what I aspired to do!

I got two 10 inch buckets with draining holes at the bottom and I used Burpee’s organic seed mix soil… it was the only organic soil I could find and I wanted to try it.

I layered each pot with a thin layer of soil and then added in a few handfuls of my compost then covered the rest with soil.

I then moved to my seedlings, working them out with my trust new trowel! And gently pulled them apart.

It actually wasn’t that hard to do honestly. They kinda just melted apart lol almost like they were trying to get away from each other. XD

So each pot has one cherry tomato seedling as well as one cilantro seedling!

Can’t wait to see them flourish!!

Love you. Mean it!

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