Today… Was A Good Day.

I‘ve been feeling like a ballsy little bear these past couple of days lol.

Buuuuuut I won’t delve into the specifics of what on here. Just know, ya girl was feelin’ the bravery!

I’m talking Kung Fu Chuckie Chan “Gotsta Be BRAVE!” feeling!

I know you remember lol (credited to google images/tumblr)


So but anyways, all of that aside…


I just didn’t realize that it was going to be one of the most peaceful, blissfully wonderful days I’ve ever had in a WHILE.

And I don’t think anything extreme happened… it was just… the feeling.

The intangible parts of the day that just left me swirling in a great, googly moogly kinda vibe that I wish I could make last forever!

Everything was good! Even down to the people I came in contact with!

Normally, my good days start and end at home. When I involve other people, it can definitely take many detours that end up draining me along the way.

But surprisingly, it wasn’t draining. I came across a lot of people sending good vibes, and even ran across some nut jobs. But even their misery wasn’t enough to bring my happiness down.

I was feeling JUST. THAT. GOOD!



It really started with the drive. I woke up this morning, around 8. And decided that I wanted to just take a random drive like I used to do, and so I did!

Because it was early, the roads were pretty clear and the day itself was just GORGEOUS!

Seeing the sun beaming all over and through the trees just felt so invigorating and magical in a way. I tell ya, I’ve been feeling so refreshed and so rejuvenated out of nowhere! And I was just seeing so much beauty in the world today!

I just couldn’t help it lol. I don’t think I could be mad today even if I wanted to be (and ya better believe people tried lol).

After an hour or so of driving around aimlessly through all the back roads and taking in all the beautiful scenery, I decided that I should actually go somewhere.

So I landed at a little outdoor shopping plaza that I always venture off too whenever I’m trying to “get out of the house”.

I was hungry, so I decided to go and sit down in a restaurant, something else I used to do a lot of when I was younger. Especially when I was still catching the buses. I would just find my way into some random restaurant, have a seat and scribble in my journal as I waited on my food to be served. Sometimes, even having fun mingling with the servers.

I did that today and really enjoyed myself.

Then I went on into Haverty’s, another place I used to frequent a lot. When I was still living at home and getting ready to move, I came to Haverty’s a lot for home decorating ideas.

So when I went in there today, imagine my surprise when a lady came up to me and was like “HEY! Long time no see!!”

Ya’ll, I haven’t been to Haverty’s in a couple YEARS now. And I know it’s been awhile, because I didn’t even remember her at first glance.

I looked at her and was like “should I remember you?” and she said “yes you should! This is certainly not your first time here!” lol and I had to laugh because she was certainly right about that!

I actually did remember her after she jogged my memory a bit. It actually made my day when she was like “every time I see you come in, I’m like ‘oh yeah! There she is!’ ” Dang, was I that much of a regular!? lol

Walking through Haverty’s I ended up purchasing two beautiful vases that I wanted to use in my bedroom to hold up my canopy.

This canopy thing is so bootleg and I’m finessing it to the best of my abilities but whatever. Gotta get creative, you know?


After Haverty’s…

I danced on over to Joann’s real quick like and… for some reason ended up buying some MORE vases.

Don’t ask me why lol.



But in the end, I am glad I got them because now I can start getting lots of floral arrangements! I’ve been wanting to buy myself flowers but I didn’t have ANY vases at ALL. So now… I do. 🙂

First bunch I want is sunflowers, for sunflowers are my flowers of the YEAR. And probably my favorite flower for LIFE.

I’ll probably do a different post on that… maybe.


But yeah… the decisions I’ve been making lately have truly lead me to this new… FEELING. Hopefully not just this day, but this new feeling of life. Feeling refreshed, renewed, re-invigorated and GOOD again!

I don’t know what this is, but I’m down for it.


So uhhhhh, how’s your Saturday going? 🙂


Love you. Mean it!

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