They’re Arriving!

Since the last time you saw Samakh (probably) about a week ago, there was just one little cherry tomato seedling breaking forth.

Well today, there are many more guests arriving to the party!

There are now 2 Cilantro seedlings emerging and also the second cherry tomato plant is breaking the surface as well!

Second cilantro seedling!
Second cherry tomato seedling!

I have finessed my little gardening setup to be lifted up higher near the window to get some more sunlight. It’s atop a stack of several empty boxes lol.

I pray over it all the time and water it every other day, or every couple days… whenever the soil is a little dried out.

But I’m excited!!! They are definitely breaking the surface!

And just think…a week ago, I was about to give up and start over.

Keep up with Samakh’s journey in the gallery!

Love you. Mean it!

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