The Time Is Finally Arriving

Today, I finally got the opportunity to go and tour my new home.

I’ve done well enough to have been able to stay in my current apartment for 4 years now. And now, I was finally able to step up into renting a house.

The drive there was wonderful! Absolutely peaceful as I find myself getting further and further away from a new-coming cityscape and back into bright, vibrant sunshine covering over an endless supply of evergreen covered hills.

I love the country. I love rural territories, and I feel lucky enough to find the house that I did in the kind of environment I love.

But alas, as I drove down into the neighborhood…

suddenly I got so nervous.

I’ve been by the house before, and was fueled with excitement. But this time?

I guess it was finally dawning on me that… this was it.

This was the new chapter.

And a lot of everything was going to depend on whether or not I used this house to grow… or regress.

I tried to think about how I felt when I first moved into my now-apartment. At that time, I was thrilled, but at the same time SO nervous and SO anxious.

I remember hopping in my car everyday, driving around the city and walking around the neighborhood trying to get to know my surroundings. But then it hit me…

it won’t be too much of that this time.

What with quarantine going on. And all the worries about my finances and whether job security would be a thing a few months from now started to grip me.

I pulled into the driveway and called my property management agent who then gave me the courtesy code so that I could go ahead and tour the house.

I stood at the front door and surveyed the neighborhood a bit. Then I opened the door and headed right on in and…

I was there. I was home.

She did preface me with the fact that I was touring the place RIGHT AFTER the previous tenants moved out. They had not begun cleaning and tidying the place, painting the walls or whatever so it was dirtier than it probably would’ve been had I went later on.

But I went around and scoped it out anyway. In a lot of ways, I’m glad I DID get to see the house before they “beautified” it. I was able to clearly see problems and issues and take pictures to send to her later on.

But overall, the tour of the house calmed me down.

I had to have walked around that place at least 5 times before it started to feel like I lived there. I went outside in the backyard a few times,  walked around my new master bedroom, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the garage. Everywhere.

And I kept walking in circles and it just suddenly started to feel like… Me.

It started to feel like this was where I belonged. That this was going to be a good growing spot for me. This was going to be my chance to start fresh with new vigor and new perspective.

I envisioned how I would paint it, how I would decorate and where to place my furniture. Trying to decide which room would become my new office and how I might set that up. It was a lot to take in.

Heh. I’m renting a HOUSE.

I feel pretty great about that.

I know everyone is around here buying houses, and eventually that is a goal of mine. But I want to test the waters a bit. Figure out what the bills and upkeep of a house requires. Because I’m sure they are WAY different than keeping up with an apartment.

I have yards to care for, more machines to keep track of, more rooms to clean haha! It’s definitely a new adventure!

One that I hope launches me into a ton of great things in the coming years!

2020 is the beginning of a new decade you know. And when I look back on the past 10 years of my life… man it was shitty.

I mean, there was a lot of good… but there was also a lot of bad. And it seems even worse because I left that decade feeling even more confused than when I started! Towards the end of that decade, I feel like I found myself and then slowly lost myself again.

And now in 2020 I’m trying to find myself again. And I guess that’s the scary part about it. I’m past 25, I should have a better handle on who I am, shouldn’t I? But I don’t. Or at least,

I don’t feel like I do.

But anyways! That was all the rambling I’ll do for this post. I’m currently sitting down chipping away at some of my bills. Trying to see what I can forego and if I can really make this new house worth my time and investment. So we shall see…

Love you. Mean it!

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