The Sims 3: A Story Of Addiction

Man, it’s been some years since I last played The Sims. I got interested in playing them again after watching countless of Let’s Plays of Youtubers playing The Sims 4.

I was almost convinced into buying the base game (I had never tried the Sims 4 before) and a few expansion packs when I came across a ton of commenters stating that Sims 4 is absolutely HORRID compared to it’s previous counterparts.

The boat load of comments all synchronously agreeing that Sims 1, 2, and 3 were waaay better persuaded me to just enhance my collection of The Sims 3.


I never really got into buying a bunch of expansion packs when I used to play. A lot had to do with me being more partial to playing my Nintendo systems. And also, I only really liked building and creating in the Sims anyway.

I hardly ever really played it lol.


But man!

I’ve been playing them here lately and I have been HOOKED!


So just now, I used my cashback points from a card I have to purchase two more expansion packs. Those being Seasons (can you believe I never got that one!? lol) and Generations.

I’ve been watching a lot of “Simmers” (Youtubers that play the Sims) doing these Rags to Riches Let’s Plays and I thought the idea of it was so cool! One Youtuber literally has a whole family time line of different Rags to Riches stories. And so I wanted to attempt that with some of the sims I have in my own game.

Or maybe even create some new ones?


Eventually, I also want to get University, Into the Future, Island Paradise and Pets. I already have Late Night and the High End Loft stuff pack for I purchased the Sims 3 as a starter bundle. Never went beyond that apparently lol.

I think my favorite sims game is the second one. I miss the cinematic scenes that would happen with things like first kiss and birthday and wedding celebrations. Correct me if I’m wrong but, I don’t think the Sims 3 have those little details does it?

Granted, Sims 3 IS pretty epic! I’m loving this one too! I’m actually about to hop on and play it a little more. Maybe I’ll go ahead and create a Rags to Riches save file for when the other expansions packs come and I can go ahead and jump in!




Love you. Mean it!


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