The Piano, My Old Friend!

When I tell you these past couple of months have been weird…


You’ll just have to take my word for it.


The goodness that has emerged from March is the rejuvenated newness I feel since I have been almost aggressively tapping back into my inner child.

I tell you, since I’ve been in this house, I feel like the old me has just come SURGING through! The giggly little school girl in me just can’t contain herself and just wants to buy and do all the things that brought me so much joy when I was younger!

I’ve gone from buying up movies that I used to enjoy, purchasing classic board games that kept me mindfully engaged including Marble Solitaire and soon I will have my new chess board!

Of course, all things still tying into this Bohemian theme that I’m delving into.

And most recently, I’ve gone ahead and dived off the edge and purchased my first Digital Piano!!!


Up until this point, the only piano I’ve had was just a regular shmegular 61-key (I think) keyboard.

I’ve never ever touched an acoustic piano, and the closest I’ve come to it is a digital piano.

I’m not very well trained in playing the piano first of all. I don’t know how to read music and I barely know the keys. Things I want to change obviously.

But even without all that, when I was younger, I still managed to somewhat learn how to play different songs including The Entertainer (a personal favorite), A Thousand Miles (I know that intro by heart lol), and Minuet (another favorite).

Mostly I know the right hand keys and if I know any left notes for any song, it’s mostly The Entertainer. I feel like The Entertainer is where I advanced the most, followed by A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.


All Of That Aside…

Just having the piano back has REALLY catapulted me back into the good ol’ days where I was blissfully unaware of the harsh realities of life.



I’ve been looking for ways to just engage my mind into something more than the petty drama that I always seem to find myself immersed in.

I’m sure my brain just wants to get some exercise in lol.

And I can’t explain just how much fun I’ve actually been having with such simple things again!

I’ve got a lot of board games I’m still wanting to get including Mancala, Dominos, Checker pieces (since I already have a board for it on the way), and some jigsaw puzzles!

It actually feels pretty nice to be tapping back into this “childish” side of me again. I feel like my desire to learn and take in the world around me is being renewed in a way.

As if life just looks so much more vibrant again!

I guess because now I see more than it’s drama. But I see all the potential in it again that I used to see when I was so much younger.


That is… until I leave the house again… -_-


Love you. Mean it!

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