The More I Know…

The less I understand.

This is why I truly believe we will never be bored in the New Jerusalem. Lol

I have been diving deeper and deeper into the true background and nature of the Bible, in Israel, in soooo much!

And yes, I believe that True Israel is black.

If you notice, I’ve been keeping kind of quiet, trying to understand the depth of everything because it is DEEP.

And honestly, even with being awakened, it still isn’t easy because ravenous wolves are everywhere!

Though Ahayah has kept me throughout this entire process, praise Alahayam! (Hebrew for “God”)

I even feel like God has granted me a cool new Hebrew name, revealed my Tribe, and that of Mr. Soulmate, and so many other things.

I know I’ve been quiet, but my mind has been FILLED with new understanding, hidden history, and I’m just…. dumbfounded.

It’s been hard to think about what to even blog about because everything is everywhere. And in all this time I realize that I know very, very, VERY little about God.

It’s also shown me the importance of being taught by the Holy Spirit. I’ve seen that a lot of Hebrew Israelites have discarded the New Testament, but I don’t. I actually still believe the Messiah came and laid His life down for our sins, though I know many are starting to disagree with it.

I now just believe that the Messiah is BLACK, not European.

So yeah…. guess I’ll be posting more topics involving this and true Israel (Yasharahl???). Definitely a lot and so much more to learn.

Love you. Mean it!

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