The Magnitude of Ahayah

You know…I was just thinking.

I went to the grocery store to quickly pick up a few items and I was just looking around at all the people.

I’m sorry, but looking at people in the world today is just sad. So disconnected, so fearful of one another. I said hello to one lady and it looked like I scared her…

Have we really fallen that low?

And it just caused me to think… about the greatness of God to be able to create a people so smart and so intellectual, that we could convince ourselves that He never existed and we just happened into this lifetime on accident.

With our fancy gadgets and gizmos that He gifted us the brains to even think of, we use them to refute the idea that He created us. We can’t believe that we are here, living in a simulation much like a Sims character…

All those movies about robots turning on their creators has not only been an eerie glimpse of what the near future contains, but also a reflection of our history.

We’re the robots that turned on OUR Creator.

Rebelling against Him and wreaking havoc within the world we live in.

And unlike in the movies, there is no other hero to come along and save humanity.

Our Original Creator is returning…

With alllllllll the evidence of His existence that His creations have been pleading for.

But the evidence God is coming with is noooot the kind of evidence they want to see.

The reality is, our lives and our history truly has been dictated by one Book that people have been trying to debunk for years.

And whether or not people agree, the Good Book is coming true. No amount of political wokeness will stop these prophecies from coming into fruition and time is ticking.

It DOES matter what you believe at this rate. And I have full confidence that those who truly yearn in their hearts to know Him WILL know Him, whether in or out of these commercial churches and religions.

God is real.

And He WILL prove to you He exists…

But by that time… it’ll already be too late.

Love you. Mean it!

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