The Lemon Balm! They Live!!

I was starting to be a little downhearted about the one lemon balm seedling that sprouted probably a week or so ago. But lo and behold!

I went to go and water my garden, peered into the jar and literally saw a mini party happening!

And the spearmint is going crazy as well!

I’m so excited to see how Ahayah is really bringing life to all of these plants! 😁

Kinda makes me want to add a few more more herb jars, but what kind?

I thought about growing basil. I also have a jar of parsley and I kinda think I want to grow a stand alone jar of cilantro even though I have some growing with all of my cherry tomato plants.

Speaking of cherry tomatoes… these plants are getting BIG!

Group 1 is looking good! This cherry tomato is the biggest one and is getting so big and tall! The cilantro is doing good as well, its just a little leaned over from watering…
Here’s Group 2! Still pretty big and definitely thriving! The cilantro here is one I’m eyeballing cause it won’t stop leaning. Any word of advice?
Can you believe the 3rd and 4th are the ones still in the box? I was trying to wait until the 4th one got 2 sets of true leaves before I transplanted them lol. That 3rd one seriously took off after the other 2 were removed, I noticed.

Yeah! Everything is still looking good and pulling through! I’m very excited to see them grow and produce! It’s so nice to just be able to see things grow though.

Gardening has started to become a new hobby low key lol. I was even singing to them today. Just been trusting in God to cause everything to grow despite very minimal circumstances lol. You should see how squished up all these pots and boxes are. 🤣

But it’s working! It’s surely pulling through! And I’m glad I went ahead and got started. It may not be a full fledged garden but… it’s something.

And something I can take with me too. 🙂

Love you. Mean it!

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