The Go-To Puff

Let’s be honest, though. My ACTUAL go-to style is my crochet beanie… but this is the next best thing!

Since I’m trying to get into wearing my hair more, that also means starting to STYLE IT more. I’m trying to get a better handle on my twistouts, which, for the most part I think I do fairly well.

I normally like to wear chunky twist outs, but they obviously don’t last very long. Maybe 3-ish days? Before they start needing another wash day or some sort of refresher.



I’m trying to find my flow in a twistout that can last for several days and maybe up to two weeks! It’s all in technique, products, and moisture training which I’m already aware of. I’m sure my hair could use some more training with moisture, but for now, working on the technique along with increasing moisture is the current process.

This twistout was from my last set of twists in my previous post. I took them down and separated it some… there was some frizz that started happening and even though it was still pretty cute down, today I felt like putting it up into my go-to puff!



You know what I want to get? Some jumbo silk scrunchies!

That’s what I need for my hair. Surprisingly, the scrunchies I use are cotton… -_-”

I’ve found some that I plan on buying from Amazon, and I’ll report back later whenever I actually get them lol. This little wrap/headband thing is actually my night scarf finessed into a twisted headband. I mean… it gets the job done. 🙂


Love you. Mean it!

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