That moment... when you realize that Alopecia Awareness is now being pushed.... when covid vaccines are looked at as a culprit for sudden hair loss... 👀🧐 #Imjussayin

What… If…

Is the jab the Mark of the Beast? Now… you can take my word here with a grain of salt… but I just kind of had a thought. I just can’t entertain the thought completely that just because the mark has to be announced, that everyone across the board will be able to discern it […]


The Symbol of Medicine

The Holy Spirit led me to do a simple Google search of the symbol for the medical field and BOOM! Up pops The Caduceus. A staff with two (or one) Serpent wrapped around it with angel wings… Sounds oddly like a blatant illustration of Satan disguising himself as an angel of light? 13 For such are […]


Just My Little 2 Cents.

A little food for thought moment… I think we’re all aware of the battle between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed by now. But now, I’m starting to hear how vaccinated people can still catch covid, and accordingly, still continue to spread the virus to others. The argument now has become “well duh, of course you […]