Soooo….. Avocados?

I happened upon a new site! Lol

Tyler Farms is a new favorite site, especially for buying fruit tree seeds!

I wanted to go ahead and plant some avocado trees… don’t ask me why.

Don’t ask me what’s with all the trees m’kay?

So! Lol

I ended up buying their pack that contains 6 fuerte seeds and 6 hass seeds. Hass avocados are type A and Fuerte avocados are type B and having them both allows for a better potential of fruiting and even good fruits.

I know people say avocados are supposedly self pollinators, but if it helps for them to have a buddy, why not!? Lol

Along with this order, I also purchased a pack of Cherimoya seeds… those plantings shall come a taaaaaad bit later. 🙂

Cause planting avocados is a little involved.

They were really fresh, like some still had the flesh on it. 😂

So I dropped them into a cup of water, separated obviously so I wouldn’t get confused. Though I noticed that hass avocado seeds are much smaller than fuerte. Fuerte seeds are pretty beefy! Lol

Nevertheless, I peeled off the skin the most I could, wrapped them up in a wet paper towel and put them in airtight containers. The Hass avocados in an airtight soup cup and the fuerte in a plastic bag within a plastic bag.

I’ll be checking on them weekly to see whenever they start germinating. And then we’ll move on to part 2!

I actually ended up with 7 of each as well! So I technically have 14 avocado trees starting… along with my 10 loquats… 😐

Welp, I’m gonna wrap that up here! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Love you. Mean it!

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