Samakh!! She Lives!!!

My impatience was starting to show a little I must admit lol.

I started this little box garden exactly 2 weeks ago from today and honestly, I was starting to give up on it.

The seed packet stated that at the very least the tomatoes should’ve sprouted within 5-10 days and here I am two weeks later lol. I have very little light to work with as it is, so if they couldn’t grow with this light, I didn’t know how this was gonna work.

For the past couple of days, I hadn’t even watered it nor prayed over it. And today, I had decided that I was going to try to make a smaller garden with smaller boxes that I could actually fit in the windowsill area to get the maximum amount of light.

Imagine my surprise when I go over to check the box to see this one tiny seedling defying all odds! It’s a tomato seedling according to the way its all planted.

And I’m so happy to see it! Praise Ahayah! He said He would cause all things to grow!

I’ve named this box garden “Samakh“!

That means REJOICE in Hebrew. 🙂

Love you! Mean it!

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