Restart? Or Refresh?

This is a quick follow-up update from the torture my Red Bell Pepper seedlings endured yesterday.

I gave them a whole day to try and revive themselves and all that happened were the shriveling up of all the leaves. 🙁

So Depressing…


BUT! I am hoping I don’t have to throw them all out, especially since they haven’t even made it into official pots yet. But I went ahead and just trimmed off all of the dead leaves.

I see that the main stems are back to being a lot more sturdy and strong again. So that gives me hope that they’re not completely gone.

From watching a lot of gardening videos, one of the main things I’ve drawn from them is that you should promptly cut away the dead things and allow the plant to regenerate new growth. That in fact, pruning usually helps the plant to focus it’s energy into creating that fresh growth whereas it would’ve continued to try to focus it’s efforts on supporting the already dying vegetation.


That’s what I’m hoping to see accomplish now that I’ve basically shaved them all back.

The only thing I’m worried is that I’m doing this to a seedling.

Pruning already well grown and established plants, ok, I can see that. But what about when they’re seedlings?

Should I still try to harden them off? I’m starting to see a few of their roots peeking out from the drainage hole at the bottom of their tray. And the main stems are still pretty tall.

Should I wait for their leaves to start popping out? Perhaps I should wait to see if the plants are still actually growing and if they’d be worth attempting to transplant again.

I don’t want to do too much at once because I feel like they might be pretty stressed out. From being thinned down and losing their buddies, then being trapped in a humid torture chamber for an hour and now having all their hair shaved off lol… I wouldn’t want to do too much of anything either if I had gone through all of THAT!


It’s like a Rags to Regrowth Challenge

(Too much Sims, I know lol)


I’m thinking about trying to harden them off in about a week or so. That should be a good amount of time to see if they start sprouting new leaves and if trying to transplant them would still be worth it.

My poor seedlings. I’m so sorry! I am very truly SORRY! I didn’t mean for it to go down this way! lol


I took some time to talk sweetly to them though lol.

I felt that during this time, they needed some extra love and appreciation and compliments. So I sat down and told them how strong they are, how beautiful they are and that this setback is just that… a setback. And that they’re going to come out of this much stronger than before!

I’m not sure if it’ll work lol, but I mean it couldn’t hurt. Positive vibes are good for everyone, including plants. 😉


On a side note though, my other seedlings seem to be doing very well since being thinned out:

The tomatoes are still too young to be thinned out. They’re just beginning to sprout! 🙂


But that’s all for today’s update!


Love you. Mean it!


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