Rainbows After Storms Like Heaven After Hell.

In a separate post, I mentioned that following Christ isn’t a convenient thing to do. And I stand in that lol, it’s not.

But it’s still very much a balance of believing God’s ultimate promises while still being willing to endure the harsh persecutions of this life.

I was kind of thinking back on what I said before about feeling as though all these tests and trials with little to no physical manifestations was God pretty much blatantly asking me, “Do you believe?”

Do you believe in Me enough to trust that there’s a rainbow after this storm? Can you trust Me enough to leave everything in your life, jump through hoops and hurdles, invest so much of your time and energy, STILL not see any physical manifestations and still trust that I will bring about the promises I gave you?

It takes a lot, especially when you believe that God is always blessings, blessings, blessings. Wealth, health, wealth.

But I think about Prophets like Jeremiah. I have yet to truly dive into his story, I’m still trying to get through the Gospel. But what I did learn about Jeremiah is that… God had him prophesy constantly and he was tortured from it. It was a long time before Jeremiah got some liberation.

And his story isn’t rare, this was kind of a pattern in the Bible. God’s people suffered. Even those who were greatly blessed in the end according to the way the world views it. We all aspire to have the legacies of Job without being willing to endure the life he lived to GET that legacy.

And I guess that’s where I got tripped up, and the Holy Spirit is helping me understand that.

I took my whole journey and thought that it was just going to go up and up and up. Thinking that I had earned rightful favor to finally be blessed according what I perceived as a blessing.

And I did get blessed. Blessed with correction. Blessed with conviction. Blessed with a great burden and understanding and discernment. Blessed with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Blessed with God’s promise of Eternal Life. Blessed with His Hand guiding my every step.

He doesn’t just bless me with love and money, sometimes the blessing is the aggressive conviction of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the blessing is the uneasy unction. Sometimes the blessing is increased faith and boldness. Sometimes the blessing is what I looked at as punishment…

At the heart of it all, the ultimate blessing God is giving ALL of us is Eternal Life. How we get blessed in this life isn’t really relevant to Him. At least, that’s how I’m perceiving it. Some may have it harder, others have it easier, but we all get to attain the same perfect hope as long as we remain faithful and true.

Regardless of the trials and tribulations we face, we all have a beautiful 7- colored rainbow after this storm. Whether we get blessed with miracles or blessed with burdens, it is all for God’s glory in the end. It’s just about making it through.

And He will repay us for our faithfulness accordingly.

Love you. Mean it!

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