Quest For The Best 2020 Planner Lineup

It’s official.

I’ve become the very person I hate.


But I think it has a lot to do with my planning style changing in general.

Maybe this is something I’ll write a more detailed post on for Kraizy Colorful Plans, but I don’t think it’s so much that I don’t like decorated planners anymore… but I just want more simplicity? I dunno.

I have just now decided to invest in the Golden Coil planner which I feel might be THEE planner for the year of 2020! I hear it’s even got Erin-Condren identical paper! 😀


With the Golden Coil planner, you’re able to customize and add in almost ANYTHING (up to 242 pages of course) you want! And that’s what REALLY intrigued me. I watched a review (two actually lol) from Amanda’s Favorites on Youtube, and she was saying that it’s a great quality planner and when she likened the planner quality to Erin Condren… I was sold.

I hobbled over to their website and probably spent a good hour just playing around with all the different layouts lol. Eventually, I stumbled into a planner that I felt would really work out for the me for the entirety of 2020.

I was able to add in travel planning pages for the trips I wanted to take. The layout I chose comes with a meal planning section, gratitude section and a habit tracker for each week. I added in some year at a glance pages for future planning AND a yearly tracker that I’m completely confirmed on what I’ll track yet. I incorporated a bucket list, a reading list and just a host of other things and at the end of it… I was sold.

I didn’t spare much thought whipping my credit card out to buy it. Because it was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

The design of it, the aesthetic and the atmosphere it provides.


I think it’s about time I start venturing away from the hype of Erin Condren and Happy Planner.


What I’m beginning to see is that I love the BRANDS. I love the stickers, the colors, the everything. But I’ve found that I’ve been forcing myself to use their planners even though I’m slowly finding those layouts… helpful.

Erin Condren is just vertical, horizontal and hourly. Happy Planner has a few more different layouts but… they don’t really apply to me or help me focus in anyway. And besides, the layouts they have that I feel would work best are usually in planners with styles I don’t really like lol. It’s a personal pet peeve, but a pet peeve nonetheless!

What I’m trying to make myself realize is that it’s OK not to have a Happy Planner or an Erin Condren (I say as I currently have a new 2020 deluxe monthly planner from Erin Condren being shipped to me). I can always use their stickers! And the Golden Coil planner can be decorated just as much as those Happy Planners and Erin Condrens.


I just… I saw that Golden Coil planner and just suddenly felt at PEACE. There was a space for EVERYTHING! I included a monthly budget page for when I’m on the go, a social media planning page that I intend to use to map out blog posts for Kraizy Colorful Plans and more! This is LITERALLY a catch all planner! And I can’t wait to get it!


Another reason I think I’ll prefer the Golden Coil planner more is that it’ll get me away from that “sticker kit” hype around Erin Condren and Happy Planner. I dunno why, but I just always get enticed to purchase all those fancy foiled kits or invest in too much time to make my own and that… kinda… begins the whole “planner burnout” I’ve been experiencing herelately.

The Golden Coil is more beautiful and elegant than it is colorful and decorative and it wears it well.


That’s not to say I WON’T decorate it lol. But I think it’ll go along well with the path of my shop as well. Since I’m moving towards selling clipart anyway, I can just use my clipart icons and doodles to decorate my planner. And then it makes it easier to showcase MY stuff and my designs in my planner.


At least… that’s what my brain says lol.


It’s just very simple… The price ain’t simple though. lol That planner was like $76! WITH the Black Friday discount!


I’m just REALLY excited about this new planner. I can tell, JUST by the planners I’m choosing for 2020 that it’s going to be a very goal-driven achieving kind of year. I’m only planning to use 3 planners. The powersheets planner for intentional goal setting, the deluxe monthly planner for detailed budgeting, and this Golden Coil planner for my more focused catch all planner.


It truly IS a catch all planner in all the areas that matter most to me. And I just REALLY enjoy the layout of it. My brain herelately has become a mix of weekly and daily planning. And the weekly only layout of the Erin Condrens and Happy Planners are just starting to lack. They’re VERY flexible, more flexible than I need at the moment, and lack a lot of direction where I really need it.


I’m starting to find that it’s hard for me to plan because a lot of what I do tends to be things that I want to accomplish that week, but I don’t have a designated day to do it. The layout I chose from Golden Coil kind of merges that layout with more overview as well. Each weekly spread is two pages, but one side compiles a long list of weekly to do’s along with meal planning (Monday through SUNDAY), gratitude list, priorities and some other little knick knacks. And on the other side is a full page of each day in boxed sections with a full box for each day and an extra box for a notes sections.


I also added in two lined pages and two blank pages in between each month. I intended for the blank pages to be for sketches that I come up with and the lined pages to be for monthly brain dumps, brain spills, brainstorming whatever you wanna call it.

I also added in some fun details too! I added in the fun and food holidays lol, and also some pop culture quotes. This planner is just EVERYTHING! I’m so ready for it! I got it for the whole year of 2020.


The overall design of it is very clean and elegant! I chose the pecan linen cover and I felt that went really well with the “golden coil” of it all. I customized the title page of it with a quote from a song I wrote and it just… it feels GREAT! I am just soooooo EXCITED for it to get here!


I hope my current stickers fit lol.


But yeah, I feel I chose this planner based off of my desire to be more intentional with the powersheets. Neither of my Erin Condren nor Happy Planners really help me to be quite as intentional and focused as I’d like to be. They’re motivational for the most part, but that’s it. There are no gratitude sections, habit trackers, meal planning additionals, etc. All of that comes separately or you try to create them yourself.

I guess the Happy planner can be easily customized to add in those things too…


I dunno. Maybe I just wanted to try something new. I mean, besides my bullet journal, the only brands I’ve ever used for all my planning needs has been Erin Condren (primarily) and Happy Planner. I think Golden Coil is the first brand I’m planning to use as a major part of my planning.


My planner lineup is going to be incredibly simple. I guess I’ll still have the “year-specific” vs “non-year-specific” planners.

My major year specific ones include my catch all (Golden Coil), budget (Erin Condren) and goal (Powersheets) planners. Non-year specific planners include my business (Trello App), outline (Erin Condren) and storyboarding (Bullet Journal) planners.


See? Very simple…


compared to last year.


I think I had like six YEAR-SPECIFIC planners PLUS ANOTHER five or six planners to use continuously.

I guess I still also have my recipe planner too. But that really depends on how much I start cooking next year too… which might be a lot more. I don’t know.


This year, I can see how intentional I’ve become with trying to choose my planners. I’m choosing a lot of planners that are much more goal-driven and focused rather than just motivational and colorful. Not to mention, I have a pretty simple lineup as well.

I’m wondering if I should start back doing youtube videos on it? I know I might do blog posts on it. But since I’m only doing one every two weeks, I have to be a bit more selective of what I choose to write on.

And I think that’s another great reason to have gone from a post every week to a post every two weeks. Slowly, I’m starting to want to make sure that since there’s a two week period in between each post, I want each post to be more substantial and informational.

And I think with having that mindset, it’ll be easier to create content that’s “evergreen” and not just filler, which in turn might help boost my SEO rankings again. So for the last two posts for December, I’m sure one will be about the Cultivate What Matters planner… and maybe the other will be about the my first impressions of the Golden Coil planner review? And then the post that comes after that can be my planner lineup, or maybe that’s just a video. And I’ll do a DIFFERENT post for the new year?

I don’t know yet. But I still have my email list. And the personal information can go there instead of on my blog.


I’m just really excited!

And I wonder… obviously I don’t see ANY plan with me videos of anyone showing how they use their Golden Coil planner. Because honestly, the Golden Coil planner is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t leave you THAT much room to change and move things around or brainstorm on how you want to use each section. It’s been decided for you. And I think that’s part of the reason of why I like it so much.

I don’t have to spend all that time trying to be creative of how I want to use my planner and instead, use my creative energy where it’s needed MOST as in beating procrastination of creating new content lol.

It’d be a different story if my ultimate aspiration was to be known for beautiful planner spreads. But it’s not.

My aspiration is to produce art, animations, and things of the like. To be a better blogger, and travel more and be more present in life. And spending more time than I need to trying to figure out how to use my planner creatively starts to really defeat the purpose of what it’s intended for, you know?

I’ve been looking over my planner style lately and I’ve been pretty content with sparse color coding (three colors at the max lol) and using random icon and doodle stickers.


The only drawing I do is in my budget planner and…

that’s more of a nostalgia thing lol.


But everything else? It’s better if I don’t spend so much time beautifying it because over time I get burnt out trying to keep up with it.

With the types of planners that I’m choosing for THIS year, I want to make sure that I stay pretty consistent with using them. I’m pretty sure throughout the year, I will waver a bit. That’s just my personality type. But I feel like this is a bit better because they all meet my needs in different ways.


The Erin Condren planner for budgeting? Beautiful! Flexible enough to create a nice detailed budget for each month and allows me to be creative with putting together my monthly themes! Doesn’t require me to decorate it for more than once a month at a time, though. And overall, minimal obligations and really helps me stay focused.

The Cultivate What Matters Powersheets planner? BEAUTIFUL! And quite the deep, soul searching planner I was looking for! I was so moved by the way it helped me to dig deep to find out the things that mattered most to me and it really put me into a brand new mindset. I cherish the prep work ALONE, but this year, I really want to be a lot more consistent with using it and aspire to accomplish so many more things this year! I just feel it’s about time! WHICH, is why I’m deciding to jump ship toooooooo…

The Golden Coil planner! GORGEOUS! With the way I customized it, this is absolutely the focused planner I NEED to use in conjunction with the powersheets goal planner!


**A Few Hours Later**


You can read that in the Narrator’s voice from Spongebob y’know. 🙂


I just randomly hopped off of this post and started writing the rough draft for my Cultivate What Matters 2020 Powersheets review.


That blog post is ALREADY over 3,700 words long. And I have YET to write about the actual CONTENT of it (like the different sections and features) or even the updates lol.

It’s a post about the overview of it and also how I used it in 2019 and how I intend to use it in 2020. I hope to get it sometime this week (since the post goes live next Friday) so that I can give a quick overview of it and compare it last year’s.

But overall, I don’t intend to be THAT detailed… maybe, I don’t know yet. But I know that there’s already SO MANY videos and posts about the new 2020 powersheets planner. So I didn’t just want to be another cookie cutter “first impressions, first look” reporter.

The 3,700 words that I wrote so far are about how they impacted me, how I used them in 2019 and how I intend to use it BETTER in 2020.


Explaining how that planner really helped me to dig DEEP.


I have to admit, I REALLY love that I switched from posting weekly to bi-weekly now. I know I said it before, but after writing this post on the powersheets planner, it just emphasized why I’m much happier with my decision!

It really gives me more time to write much more informational posts!

I had been brainstorming on this post for the past week. And now it’s the week of when the post should go live and now I’m writing to it. So it does take a lot of time to prepare a post of this magnitude with this much thought and information.

That’s what I mean when I said I wanted to move my blog towards a more “professional” aspect. Evergreen content is King…and Queen. 😛


I could easily see a post like this blowing up the way my Erin Condren 12 boxes did, or even my Old and Dated Planners post did. I find that a lot of my posts that are like 2,000+ words long are starting to drive the most traffic.

My post on positive planning is JUST starting to gain traction.


And that post is like 4,000 words long!


Of course, I wrote that post when I was still learning how to write for blogging, so it may not be AS good as some of my content now. But still… and I’m glad it’s working out that way. Because I really LOVE to write meaty posts like that lol. I like to be informational and give lots of creative ideas that can help. It’s… impacting.


And I think posting every two weeks gives me a nice chunk of time to brainstorm a great topic that I can be detailed about, actually have time to do research on it and write a great post following it! Writing every week feels a lot like sacrificing quality for quantity. And I like a lot of the posts that I’ve been writing, but also… there’s been a lot of dead time in between some of my more recent posts.

I think this will help me stay more consistent and allow me to really invest a lot of my creativity in writing instead of writing for quantity. I think I was trying to do every week (and at first, twice a week XP) to help Kraizy Colorful Plans build up a decent amount of blog posts for visitors to sift through.

But now, KCP has about 53 published blog posts so… that’s a good amount for new people to sift through. And at least 20-30 of them are professional reads and not just “hey guys, look at my planner art!“. No, I do that on my email list.


Speaking of email list…

I feel like I officially have one really interested subscriber! I hope…

That same subscriber that’s been opening all of my emails since the change in frequency and content is still opening my emails. I feel like they’ve opened just about every email I’ve sent this month. And others have opened maybe one or two… but I’m working on upping the open rate if I can.

I think I’ll give it another good month, or even two months, of consistently sending out emails every week. Because, it HAS been MONTHS since I’ve been this frequent and consistent. It could be just that they’re not interested, maybe my emails are landing in the spam folder… or maybe they have a new email. It could be a lot of things, but I’m gonna give it another month or two before I start sending out the warning emails that they’re about to be unsubscribed.

And also, I want to give it another month or two to make sure that I’M staying consistent. So that they can trust that this isn’t just a one-time thing. This is something I am REALLY trying to build on and I want to make sure that they know that I’M committed.


It’s a lot of wonderful things in all of this and I’m excited! I’m excited to get all of my planners in the mail for one thing. Lawd, I have THREE planners being shipped in the mail right now. So much for being burnt out with planning lol.


Haa, but that’s all. It’s been a long day of goofing off and working. Just the way I like it! 😉



Love you. Mean it!