Passover Season!

Sorta… I feel like technically the biblical passover was back in February. I saw a video about telling the time of passover from the moon instead of following the timing of the modern day Israelis since their calendar follows that of the Babylonians.

But by the time I realized that, obviously it had already passed and so I prayed and repented and Ahayah gave me grace to observe the passover at the time I had already planned to which is starting tomorrow!

This is my first time actually observing the Passover and… I know it’s all messed up lol. It really is the poor man’s passover, but I have really given my all in this setup trying to be as close to scripture as possible.

I don’t have any way to actually cook anything, so instead I went out and bought a grilled Lamb dinner that I’m saving for tomorrow because you are not supposed to go out or work on the first or seventh day.

I have flour corn tortillas for unleavened bread and organic cilantro for my bitter herbs, some grape juice and yes, I actually purchased a raw Lamb leg specifically to use the blood to brush on the posts of the door.

Probably not the smartest thing to do since ultimately it will go bad buuuuuut this is God we’re talking about lol. He’s worth a Lamb leg spoiling afterwards. 😅

I have spent a great amount of time today trying to get ready, cleaning up really well, going through and throwing out any leavened items.

I don’t believe I have that much stuff with leaven. To my surprise, toothpaste has leaven in it: baking soda.

So to circumvent that, I’ll be doing coconut oil pulling and brushing my teeth with water afterwards. I need to be doing it regularly but ugh, it’s just so hard!

… maybe this will help me get back on track again lol.

I’ve done it a few times before and it’s really good for cleaning out bacteria and freshening your breath. So it should work for at least a week, right?

During the 7 days of passover/ feast of unleavened bread, each night I will be reading 5-6 chapters of Exodus to read the whole book of Exodus this week, meditating on the things I’ve learned.

I have a dress picked out with some shoes that I will wear on the first and seventh day. And other than that, well… that’s all!

I hope you all enjoy, or have enjoyed your passover season!

All praises to the Most High Ahayah forever and always!

Love you. Mean it!

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