Party On The Porch!

Well, for the flowers that is! XP

I guess this Gardening Adventure part 2!

My mom came and picked me up yesterday, and we ventured off a little bit. One of those stops being in Walmart, the Garden Center, because she very much wanted to pick up a Lemon Balm plant. My sister had got her into using the leaves for tea and it has been helping her feel better, so she wanted to get her own!

It’s kind of nice to see the family getting into gardening, and so that kind of got me wanting to try again. I HAD a little vegetable garden trying to come through last year, with red bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, and squash all trying to emerge into victory. But being the noob that I was… I transplanted them all too late and they died… it hurt so bad I never got around to trying again lol.


With that, my mom urged me to try again with some floral plants from Walmart. The last time I had a floral plant from Walmart… it also died. My hibiscus plant that I had years ago… such a finicky plant. Couldn’t overwater it, couldn’t underwater it, and I couldn’t water it around the clock because I was working very long hours at the time. It turned yellow, it shriveled up and eventually… I gave up on it too… Haaaa, are we seeing a trend here? lol


But! We’re going to try once more! I picked up a Lemon Balm plant as well, and a Begonia… which is my favorite plant! Look how pretty and full she is!



Her leaves look like big, thick lily pads! And here is also my Lemon Balm plant…



I’ve started trying to look into how to take care of them. I’ve realized that I have already messed up with the Lemon Balm plant. I’m pretty sure I over watered it today… smh. Apparently, they thrive better being under watered, so I will keep that in mind. I also need to put it in a draining pot which I’m currently looking for on Amazon as we speak.


But yeah! I have been thinking about buying some seeds to possibly try and start a Fall garden for the year. I’m looking into it, and also thinking about getting a garden bed of some sort. I don’t know, we’ll see what comes out of it!

I guess we’ll see after about a month. Crossing our fingers and hoping for the best, right?


Love you. Mean it!

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