NY&C Closet Rental Subscription Box!

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So these days, I’m trying to re-develop my inner style. I’ve been quite a “Plain Jane” for a long time now even though the things I love are FAR from the Plain Jane role.

I love bright beautiful colors, fancy shmancy designs, and all things of the sort! But my current wardrobe… hardly reflects that, if AT ALL.

When I was younger, I used to work at New York and Company and it’s been a staple ever since! For one thing, NYC LOVES the TALL LADIES. And uhhh, I don’t know if you know this but I’m over six feet tall.

It’s important to me when stores appreciate their tall ladies lol.

For years, the only thing I ever relied on New York and Company for was pretty much their jeans. I don’t think I’ve shopped anywhere else for jeans besides NY&C lol.

So recently, NY&C have launched a rental subscription. I managed to get in on the free trial. A quick sign up and I was able to browse what was available to rent!

You have to have a minimum of 8 pieces in your “closet” so that the stylists can choose a random 3 pieces to send to you in your next sub box.

If you want something specific, there is a way you can make sure you have those exact pieces in your box. If you’re in between, can’t choose, or don’t really care what shows up at your front door, then you just add the pieces you like and let the stylists choose from your closet.

From there, once you get it, you can basically try it on, wear it out, get a feel for it. If you like it enough to keep it, I believe you can purchase it for a discounted price. If not, they send you a return bag where you can send the unwanted styles in. This works GREAT if you want to pick up a fancy dress to wear to a party but most likely won’t need any longer.

But I’m looking for clothes to buy lol.

And I feel like having this rental subscription from one of my favorite stores is the best way to start really exploring and developing my personal style.

So for me, I had only one item at the time I was dying to try and I let the stylists choose another 2 pieces to send along with it.

And alas!

It’s FINALLY Arrived!



Wrapped up in tissue paper and comes with a nice flip out brochure explaining to you how the subscription works. Although, it didn’t mention the time limit on rentals. I’ll have to look into that but I already know what I do and don’t like, so let’s get into it!!


The Madie Romper

As much as I REALLY WANNA love this romper…. I don’t.

First of all, as far as fit, it’s PERFECT! I normally do not like wearing rompers… maybe my perspective of them is changing in general, but this romper definitely makes me interested in trying more!

It hits in all the right places as far as fit goes and in general, it does provide a little extra room so maybe just a tad bit looser than a “true to size” fit.

What I DON’T like and is a major deal breaker for me… is the fabric it was made with.

For me personally, it’s far too see through. The fact that it gently clings to the body doesn’t make it any better. I feel like it may not be noticeable if purchased in a darker color, but in a brighter color, it DEFINITELY shows everything you’ve got going on under there lol.

If you’re comfortable with that, then I think this is a great piece to try! If not, maybe still go in store and try it (or use the rental service) because it’s not terribly revealing.

I’m just a hermit crab and I like thicker clothing lol. I don’t like anything showing where it’s not supposed to be. xD

But the color is beautiful! This yellow is gorgeous! The fit, the style, the EVERYTHING!!!!… except the fabric. Haaaaa, it’s definitely going to be returned. If it were less see through, it’d definitely be a winner though!


The Linear Palazzo Pant

I’ve been eyeing these pants on the regular site for a WHILE now and I was so excited to see them available in the closet subscription!

But surprisingly, this wasn’t the piece I was dying to try… that one comes next lol.

The funky mix of colors and prints of these pants completely drew me in! And once I tried them on…

really did like them!

They were a nice length on me (IMPORTANT! lol), flared at the feet and they definitely command attention.

The fabric on these pants are kinda thin, almost like the romper. It’s very comfortable and also a very nice true to size fit. I feel like the print of the pants makes it hard to be see through, so the thinness of the fabric doesn’t bother me.

I’m debating on them simply because of personal style. I’m wondering if I really need some dramatic pants like these just yet lol. I’m leaning towards yeah, I may keep them cause I do like them. But we’re not quite at “LOVE” yet.

But this NEXT item!?


The Stripe Halter Dress

I was SO EAGER to try a short dress! lol

I have been a true jeans/pants kind of person. When I was younger, I hardly even wore shorts!

But these days, I have actually been really enjoying wearing shorts and maxi dresses, and I was interested in purchasing something a bit shorter, around knee length?

And this dress just… this dress literally bust my door down and said “YOU NEED ME!” lol

Such a cute, feminine and dainty dress! That’s what I felt like as soon as I slipped it on.

The fabric feels GREAT, it’s not see through (to me) and flows around a really comfortable length for me; around the knees. The print is so spring and summer-friendly especially being a halter dress! It zips up at the back and also includes side ties as well.

Oh! I almost forgot!



It is just such a beautiful and gorgeous dress! I absolutely adore it and will be getting a lot of wear out of it in the coming months!

Definitely got to invest in a steamer though. 😀


So there is my first box! I’m actually pleasantly surprised and satisfied with it and I think I will continue with the service for a little while longer.


Interested in seeing for yourself?

CLICK HERE! (It’s a referral link…use it. 😑…😁)


Love you. Mean it!

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