New Statement Earrings!

Yup, we are busting out of the Plain Jane bubble THIS year!

And what better way than with some beautiful new bold earrings!? The easiest thing to add style without having to really do much of anything. They can go with a stylishly put together ensemble or dress up an everyday outfit consisting of jeans and a white tee.

Which is why getting crazy accessories has been more of a priority for me, instead of just buying up lots more clothes at the moment. 😀

So let’s begin!

I purchased from two Etsy shops! The first one being from Brookhaven Baubles. Her accessories are mainly handcrafted seed bead earrings! They are super lightweight and come in SO many gorgeous designs and styles!

You know how much I love color right? Well her shop definitely came through! Take a look at the three I purchased!



Beautiful, beautiful BEAUTIFUL styles! I saw the red hearts and just IMMEDIATELY had to grab them, and after browsing through her shop a bit more I came across the pink parrots! The half circle raffia earrings were a toss in just to be able to meet the free shipping limit because… why not?

These earrings in person are very bright and vibrant, a decent size and soooo comfortable to wear! I put them on and it’s easy to forget you even have them on, so that means you can wear them all day without them eventually pulling down your ears.

Overall, I LOVE these earrings and will be revisiting this shop for more!


Another Etsy shop I purchased from was MyMoonSeeds. I had come across her shop while she was on break, so as soon as I got the email that she reopened, I headed right on over to see what was available! I purchased these three from her shop:



These are acrylic earrings that are, I believe, 3D printed and laser-cut. Very beautifully done and I absolutely ADORE the designs!

That rich forest green abstract earring was what sold me on making a purchase! I absolutely LOVE that kind of green, especially during the summertime.

Next to that were those two-toned rainbow/arch earrings in blue and yellow and lastly, these fancy cogwheel like earrings in orange. They all have a subtle sparkle to them that you really notice more up close. Such beautiful earrings to have in my collection!

They’re also fairly light, not quite as light as the seed bead earrings, but still comfortable to wear.


Love you. Mean it!

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