Nelly Time!

I really don’t keep up with my hair the way I should lol. My fancy beanies have been a lifesaver throughout those rough times.

But last night… well really, a couple nights ago, I finally got around to washing and conditioning my wonderfully resilient Nelly!

It’s nice because next month will make…. ummmm…. wow, 13 years since I’ve been natural…

Yup, April 19 and 20 (and I’ve also realized that April is the biblical New Year… Nisan? Passover time? Yeah.)

It was truly a two day process, and maybe I’ll reflect on that later lol.

But for now, I started off by separating my big ol twistout hair into 8 twists, four on each side. Hopped in the shower to wash with Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse and detangle in the shower which I normally don’t do and this time I remembered why….

Anywho, I slathered in some Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Hair Masque and left that in overnight and most of the next day lol. Rinsed that out and used what was left of my CRN Hair Milk and covered with a plastic bag to let sit in my hair for 2 days… ya’ll. Don’t judge! XD

Just last night, I sat on down and used a new product to me since trying to find hair products these days have also been rather hard. I used Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Leave In Conditioner to style my hair into these chunky twists I have in my hair now.

Nothing special.

I just took down one twist and turned it into four twists (two twists from each part of the original one twist). And here we are!

Nelly today has dried and looks really plump, healthy and the ends are still strong, coily and beautiful!

I’ve been thinking about locking my hair, but I really don’t think I want to. I tried to loc my hair up years ago and I barely made it two months because not being able to comb out shedded hairs not only drove me crazy, but I started getting tons of headaches.

That’s actually a big part of the reason why I don’t even wear weaves or wigs anymore. The additional weight brings me more headaches and neck aches.

I think locs are incredibly beautiful though! If I do, I’m thinking I like the diamond parts just because I like a “fall over” look. And maybe have them like small-ish medium??? I dunno! I would just really miss my big hair tho!

My coils are my favorite thing about my hair!

So yeah! That’s the update!

Love you. Mean it!

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