My “Story Time” Blanket

I seem to have seriously rediscovered my love for crochet herelately because I’m just going all IN with the projects!

I have actually been working on one ongoing blanket for the last 3 or so YEARS now. And I’m glad to say this thing is FINALLY nearing its end!

This was my first blanket I’ve EVER tried to tackle and man has this been a labor of LOVE.

As you can see, it’s done completely in the ripple stitch using Red Heart yarn in colors Black, Buff/Beige, Cafe Latte, and Coffee.

It is 7.7 feet wide, and I’m currently not done with the height yet, but as of now, it’s about 4.6 feet long!

What I aspire to do is line the inside with a cotton lining or something, maybe even a push lining? So it can be EXTRA cozy, but I’m still not sure yet. I definitely wanna line it, not sure with what though.

I honestly don’t have any idea how many skeins of yarn this took lol…. I’m actually planning to recreate this blanket in a different color scheme (I THINK this will become a gift…. still not sure yet), so I’ll track the supply expenses then. I’ve used all jumbo sized rolls though, I know THAT much lol.

But that’s not even the blanket I’m talking about!

I’m actually in the process of starting and creating…


The Beginning!

What exactly is a Story Time Blanket?

Well it’s a blanket that tells my life story as it is today!

It’s a hodgepodge of ideas this blanket is, and honestly, this is probably already a thing somewhere but whatever!

The idea first started when I came across THIS tutorial of this gorgeous texture blanket, and in it, the guy was kind of telling a story of textures. I just thought the blanket was beautiful… here’s the video if you’re interested!

But, I kinda didn’t want to follow the story line he was going with lol.

So, I’ve actually been looking into a lot of biblical history and everything, and one thing I really like is looking at drawings and pictures from Egyptian Pyramids, ancient artifacts, and things of the like that tell stories through art.

I’ve been learning a lot about biblical Israelites too…. mmmmhmmmm… 🤨

But anyways!

I decided that the best personal blanket for me is one that could tell my whole lifestory through beautiful rich colors and textures!

Since I love COLORS, I wanted to maintain that aspect, but I also wanted to make sure I included ALL significant events in my life whether they were good or bad.

I didn’t just want to represent all the bad with usual sad colors like black, gray, brown, etc. So I’ve divided it to wear low moments will be dark but rich colors (think navy blue, eggplant purple, wine red, emerald green, etc) and high moments would obviously be brighter (aqua blues, bubblegum pinks, lemon yellow, spring green, etc).

For me, it’s not only going to be about colors, but textures too! I’ve been compiling a list of crochet stitches to try and implement as I add in different events of my life.

Playlist of all the stitches I’ve saved 🙂

Things that are significant. Turbulent times call for beefy textures. Happy times call for lovely textures and designs, all composed in a corresponding color!

I’m too excited about this!

After I finish the blanket, I would like to crochet and/or sew in a pocket and laminate the story of my blanket, so I can truly remember what every section and every row meant as I made it.

So what’s the story so far?

Well, some of it I’ll keep to myself lol, but for now:

I was born (heart square) and a week after I was born, Hurricane Andrew of 1992 appeared on the scene (blue section with “hurricane”stitch lol). Hurricane was coming for my life and I was only a week old! The reddish brown yarn represents God’s protection over me since birth (like jasper stone). 🙂 the grey starts getting into my baby stages as I remember lol…”

Right now I’m working on the two baby songs my dad used to sing to me lol. This blanket is so much fun, but I know it’ll be something when I start getting into the more difficult parts of my life.

I’ve already written down a hefty list of memories and I’m just picking through some and adding them as I want to remember them on my blanket! 😁

Stay tuned for more!

Love you. Mean it!

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