My Little Babies Are Growing Up

It’s becoming increasingly evident everyday just how much of a noob I am when it comes to gardening.

I didn’t know a THING about thinning my seedlings or hardening them off before transplanting them. *facepalm*

While I think the window is still very good for the seeds I have just planted, I am now a little worried about the survival of my red bell pepper plants.

I planted them on March 9, about two weeks later they finally began sprouting and have been growing ever since. It is nearly 2 months from then and I haven’t thinned them or attempted to harden them.

Just now, I came back from Walmart to get a pair of pruning shears and had at it with the extras that were taking over each tray. In doing that, I found that quite a few of them were turning pale green.


So I’m hoping that by going ahead and thinning them, even though it seems a little late in the cycle, will encourage them to focus all that energy into one plant and to grow large, beautiful and fruitful.

In other words,

I hope I didn’t screw this all up.


I am also attempting to harden them, and I’m wondering if all this sudden changing is going to affect them as well. It is BRIGHT and HOT outside today, so I figured what better day to get fuller sun than NOW. Judging by the fact that the leaves were turning pale (and not due to watering because I’ve been keeping up with that), I figured that getting more sun wouldn’t hurt them.

Alas, I was still kind of concerned for their health. And I have no idea if what I did will help them.

But, after watering them and allowing the water to drain out some. I then put them into these big tupperware containers I had with lids. Broke the tray into two (it was basically broken apart anyway) and put one half in one container and the other half in the other.

Pressed the lid closed and put them outside on my backyard patio. I intend to only leave them there for about 2-3 hours. And I’ll increase it by an hour everyday until the 10 days are up. And then I will began the transplant.



I hope I haven’t ruined my chances with my red bell pepper seeds. Man, I was so EXCITED about them growing and flourishing and all the leaves were getting so big and pretty… I didn’t realize that they were all actually fighting for attention.

Fighting for water, sunlight, SPACE… I was basically… killing them. I have also thinned out my cucumber seedlings because they have been sprouting up all OVER the place. Those and my squash seedlings. They’re both soooo pretty! I love the way cucumber and squash seedling leaves look. They’re just so round and thick and beautiful!

And I’ve noticed that, especially with my squash seedlings, they are starting to give off that sweet plant and nature aroma. I was in my room and started to get a whiff of what smelled like a stroll through the park filled with flowers and butterflies. lol whatever that means!



Oh no! Ok, note to self, it is NOT SMART to set your plants in a sealed container and place them out in the sun at the HOTTEST part of the day! *DOUBLE facepalm*

They look so wilted. Can they be saved? Ughhhhh, noooooo I wanted red bell peppers so BADLY!

Right now, I have them sitting not on the windowsill, but on the floor below it and I have the ceiling fan running over them to, hopefully, cool them all down.

It’s been about an hour now and… they still look tortured.

Ugh, at this rate I’ll be glad if even ONE survives. I guess you’ll all just have to stay tuned.



Love you. Mean it!


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