My Indoor Garden Is Expanding!

My red bell pepper seeds have really started flourishing since I last posted about them. They are getting tall, a couple of them have started getting “leggy”. I think it had something to do with not getting enough light with this new windowsill I have them on. So now, every other day I rotate them to make sure they get tanned on all sides lol.

I feel like it’s almost time to transplant them. But I’ve read that I should wait until they are about 4-6 inches tall, and my tallest plant is 4 inches. So I’m going to give them a week or two more and keep rotating them and see about transplanting later.


And THEN… There Were MORE!


I picked up a few more seed packets from Botanical Interests, an online retailer. And as soon as I got them home, I started planting them in the remaining biodegradable seed pots I had left.



I purchased the Red Siberian tomatoes, Spacemaster 80 cucumbers, Early Prolific Straightneck squash and Tom Thumb Butterhead Lettuce. I also purchased a packet of beets and spinach leaves, but decided not to plant those yet.

According to the website, all of these plants would thrive well in containers which was pretty perfect for me! I am more drawn to having a “portable” garden than I am having a raised bed at the moment.

Off I went to planting!


I had so much fun with just the process of planting those seeds. Knowing that one day, maybe, those seeds would also start to grow just like my red bell pepper seedlings were.


It has been less than a week since planting to the new members of the indoor garden, and some of them have already started popping up!

This is MUCH faster than my red bell pepper seeds took to start sprouting (which was nearly a two week period). Maybe it has something to do with the seed quality or just the type of plant. But it’s exciting to see that some of them have already started to sprout!


Even the squash seedlings are starting to burst forth. The only ones seemingly lagging behind at the moment are the tomatoes. But I feel they are just on the brink of pushing through!


If everything goes according to plan, and I managed to retain most if not all of these plants throughout the term of harvesting, I’ll have a lot of fresh produce later on in the year!

That’s actually pretty exciting! I hope I get to see them fruiting and be able to pick them straight from their vines! I’m already excited!


Love you. Mean it!


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