My Herbs Are Sprouting!

Both the Spearmint and the Lemon Balm (finally) are starting to show little tiny babies! Lol

Here’s one spearmint seedling breaking through the surface!
And another spearmint seedling on its way!
Ladies and Gents, we FINALLY got a lemon balm seedling! Lol

This little window garden is really coming along I have to say. Even all my cherry tomato and cilantro seedlings are bursting forth as well!

Group number 1! Look at them…. all grown up. 🥲
Group #2! The cilantro was struggling a little, but it seems to be doing well.
Groups #3 and 4: Initially I thought it’d just be the one cherry tomato to transplant, but it’s little buddy sprung up at the last second! 😂

I have ended up with more plants than I accounted for lol. By the end of this, I should have 4 pots with at least one cherry tomato plant and one cilantro plant.

I’m considering if I might try to grow other things like perhaps kale? Maybe a couple of onions if I could or just… lettuce.

Ahayah has truly been blessing these plants! I pray they continue to thrive all the way through to a plentiful harvest!!

Love you. Mean it!

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