Mission Cocoa Bean #COMPLETE

The 4 Year Saga is now COMPLETED!!!

It’s amazing that about 4 years ago in 2018, I set out to start and finish my first adult sized blanket!

And while it actually was NOT the first blanket I ever finished… the one for my mom was the first one I finished (and she adores it!), but this is the second one and my GOODNESS do I love it!

This blanket comes with a journey and has a very special destiny. 🙂

Man, this blanket seems to have gone through my job layoff in 2018, getting my new job in 2019, the ups and down with YouTube and so called trying to have a sticker shop lol, moving into a house, moving AGAIN in 2021, the start of the craziness that began in 2020, the pandemic, everything that’s going on now, etc. Lol this blanket has already lived through a ton of stories and events.

And I can’t believe it is FINALLY FINISHED.

I don’t know why 2022 seems to be the year of blankets. Lol more like the year of completion!

I have been trying to finish a blanket since I learned to crochet in middle school.

But I just never saw any of them through. One by one, they all either got lost or tossed out. They were taking too long to do.

But for some reason, I had the patience to stick with this one throughout the YEARS lol. And… at this point, I feel like I know why. But that’s a different story.

So but anyways!

Cocoa Bean is FINISHED!

When I say “I’m cold” THIS is the kinda blanket I’m looking for! Lol

I don’t even know the dimensions if I’m honest but I’m pretty sure this blanket is somewhere between 8-9 feet in width AND height.

It has taken I don’t know how many skeins of yarn lol but they were all Red Heart Super Saver in the jumbo sized rolls for the most part. It sucks that I never took that into account when I first started, but if I had to guess, probably like 4-5 jumbo skeins of each color and 1 skein of the black since it was only the trim color.

I’m so excited!!!!!

This was especially special because it was much smaller yarn and stitches, unlike the Buccaneer Blanket for my mom which used the Bernat Blanket yarn so it went by much faster.

I think being able to complete that blanket really motivated me to finish this one because a homemade blanket is just so cool!

I want to get a label or something, you know? But I dunno…. we’ll see. I’m so glad this thing is finally done though!

But I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve started another one in a different color scheme… 🥴

No judging lol.

Love you. Mean it!

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