Little By Little Garden: Composting

I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that in today’s world, things are getting bad and really fast.

I am in no way against prepping, though I do feel like it should be God led. Anything can go wrong with prepping.

Me, personally, I have been slowly building up a collection of seeds I honestly have no idea really what to do with lol. My last gardening adventure ended in disaster, and I was planning to start it all over again but then God had me to move.

I have always been moving my whole life. So I think it goes without saying that right now, I don’t really have the luxury in having an open field to build a lush garden or to give home to trees, even though eventually I would like to get a fruit tree even if for the most part, it lives indoors.

As of now, living quarters are small and uncertain, so I’m prepping with the mindset of mobility and obviously, being led by God’s Spirit. That’s a BIG part in all of this.

I think, for me personally, with the reassurance from Ahayah that He will sustain in all ways, what I primarily needed to focus on building is tools. So, with all the seeds I’ve been collecting (and still collecting lol, let’s be real), wherever I end up, when God gives the word, I can easily began to replenish wherever I am.

which in a way is now what I’m about to be doing lol.

I’m not doing anything grandiose like potted beefsteak tomatoes, jalapeños, red bell peppers… for right now, I’m going to start out with small, shrubby, dwarf cherry tomato plants. The determinant type that don’t grow all high and mighty lol.

I think it goes without saying that I don’t have a ton of money for gardening supplies other than the couple bags of soil and pruning shears I moved with.

So, I most certainly don’t have money for fertilizers and a ton of pots right now.

But that’s OK!

Ahayah has been guiding me along the way, and one of the things I’m being led to do is to go ahead and start the process of composting.

I’m pretty sure there are scientific specifics about what to include or whatever, but from what I can tell, plants need nitrogen, acidic and alkaline nutrients.

Fruit peels and coffee grounds for nitrogen, pickled juice for acids and banana peels for alkaline… among other things.

For cheap little me, I hope it’s as simple as that lol. I’m gonna be depending on it. XD

I have a little window spot where I can set it and hopefully it can get enough sun to decompose. Not looking forward to the smell though, but I digress.

God helped me to see that I do have quite a few edible leftovers that could be decomposing in a bucket, making good use of fertilizer! I’ve come across many great prepping and gardening videos too, so I’m an eager beaver.

It helps that I have a wide range of stuff to plant too. Lol I was wondering why I had such a strong desire to buy up seeds with absolutely NO desire to plant them. 🤣

It genuinely made no sense.

But now, I have a better understanding of it. I needed them for now, and I needed for them to be able to move with me.

I don’t know about everyone else, but in my spirit, I feel like I need to be prepping with mobility in mind. One really important thing I want to invest in eventually is cast iron. In between a skillet or a pot… or both.

But possibly a pot, cause you can fry in a pot but it’s hard to make soup in a skillet. Lol

I’m feeling pretty adamant about having some type of cast iron to cook with because you can easily throw it on top of an open fire AND it holds heat. Making it easy to cook on the drop of a dime provided I have a match.

See… tools.

Handouts and stock is great, but what I feel I REALLY need are tools.

You have to come back for handouts. You can replenish with tools.

So with THAT being said…

Here’s my little compost thing:

I just laid a little soil at the bottom and threw in some leaves and tomato scrap from a sandwich I made. Then I sprayed it with some water to add moisture then closed the lid over it. And I’ll just be slowly doing that from foods I eat to build up my own homemade fertilizer… praying over this whole gardening effort too.

I actually plan on planting those cherry tomatoes in a small cardboard box I had that I never threw out. Thank goodness because cardboard boxes are biodegradable. I can just throw them into the next pot when I get one and my plant will be just fine.

I’m going to set it over a towel so that it doesn’t just leak all over the place, it can drain right into it.

We trying ya’ll! We trying!!

Love you. Mean it!

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