Just… Let… Go.

So, I’m here at a park, just chilling on a swing. Sitting here feeling extra drained and tired trying to talk to God.

And I legit told Him…I didn’t even know what to ask for. I couldn’t think of what else I could possibly do to understand this situation. To try and turn things around, to come up out of my gloom and depression…I just didn’t know.

So I’m just sitting on the swing, with my feet on the ground, rocking back and forth, trying to ask God what.. what more could He POSSIBLY want from me?

Then I turned to look and see this bright blue balloon caught in some trees… and for some reason it just jumped out at me as the Holy Spirit. Like God was the balloon lol.

I looked at that balloon, and then I felt like God was telling me “let go. Just. Let. Go. “

So at that point I’m just like… “let go of WHAT? I’ve given up almost everything! I have almost nothing left! What more could I possibly have in me to give up!?”

And I feel I heard God say again, “Let go of your need to control.”

My attention then got redirected back to my feet, that were slowly rocking me back and forth in the swing I was in. And I feel like I heard God say to me,

“As long as you keep your feet on the ground, you’ll never be able to soar.”

I simmered on that thought some, and then I feel I heard God say also,

“Take your feet off the ground and let me help you fly. “

… so I did.

I took my feet off the ground and started to soar! As the swing kept gaining momentum, I felt I heard God say “I will tell you when to kick and when to rest”.

And…I just enjoyed myself on the swing lol. As much as I love being on the swing, this was probably the most freeing of it all! I finally started to feel at one with Him again, now that I was releasing my need to control and know every little detail.

And then after that, God brought upon a blessing that I definitely didn’t see coming! But for right now, mouth is shut until it is the time to speak it!

But yeah… just having a moment that I wanted to write about. I feel like maybe I should keep track of these things now, so I can come back and reread these trials and remember how God pulled me through.

Sooooo… how’s your Tuesday?

Love you. Mean it!

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