I’ve Been Collecting Crystals.

Now, I can’t say for certain whether I entirely believe in the metaphysical abilities of carrying around crystals. BUT… this post is about to make it seem like I do lol.

I have just always thought crystals and rocks were beautiful and intriguing, even at a young age.

I remember when I was in elementary school, I had a friend that I used to walk home with who actually had a collection of different rocks and crystals. He let me have two of them… two that eventually got lost in a move. 🙁

I remember them too! He gave me a flat baby blue stone with a soft white pattern that almost resembled the ocean, and also a black stone, which I think was a black obsidian.

At that time, I was SO interested in rocks and crystals, I was just SURE that one day I would grow up to be a geologist lol. I remember when I used to ride in the car with my parents, whenever we stopped at a gas station or somewhere, I wanted to take one of the rocks from that place home with me.

Collecting rocks was like collecting a souvenir…

I was a weird kid, I know lol.


But I say that to say,

I’ve always had a fascination with crystals.



So quite naturally, in exploring this new Bohemian interior design, it has brought me back to the interest I had with crystals.

I had only been interested in getting them just for the aesthetic nature of it all. Obviously, as a kid, I had no REAL knowledge of crystal healing therapy nor do I think I really cared. I just thought they were cool.

But, I still did do a little research on the “supposed” benefits that the crystals I was interested in buying might bring. You know, just trying to be a little cautious lol.

So with that, I came across etsy shop “LovingThyselfRocks!” and decided to purchase a well-researched trio from her. In that order, I ended up getting a Rose Quartz, a Howlite, and a Sardonyx.

The rose quartz I purchased mainly because it was a popular choice for people new to crystal healing and it was also pretty and would go with my theme. The howlite brought benefits of being able to reduce anxiety and stay calm that I could really use.

And lastly, the sardonyx. Which I purchased mainly because it was the alternative birthstone of August! (Because finding raw peridot is actually QUITE expensive).


I’ve had these three for a couple weeks now and it’s got me wondering if I really am sensitive to crystal energies? Because I have truly been able to notice the change in moods in relation to whatever crystal I’m carrying at the time.

And the differences between all three are so STARK from each other.

My energy naturally is… well… neutral.

I have my so and so moments where I go on an amazing high or drop to a terrifying low, but for the most part, my energy is pretty steady. So noticing the constant shifts in my energy level wasn’t that hard.

The one I feel changes my energy the most by far is the Sardonyx. lol

In a great way though!

I’ve had the chance to spend some time with each crystal individually and I feel like I have all of their personalities very well described. And here is how I view them:


Sardonyx: The HYPE MAN


I get my hands around this crystal, and suddenly I feel like I can take on the WORLD!

This is exactly my “get up and go” stone. Even when I’m feeling sleepy, or drowsy, holding this crystal or having it in my pocket just gives me that extra oomph! to keep it pushing.

I’ve also noticed that I have incredibly happier days when I carry this crystal. The moods are just undeniably high and even if things around me are crashing down, I still end up in a really good mood lol.

It really is laughable! One day I was carrying this stone, and so much stuff was just pissing me off from left to right. And I knew it was weird because this was stuff that would likely get under my skin for how frequently it was happening that day. But no, I was still able to laugh it off and move on and still have a wonderful day!


Rose Quartz: The BOUGIE ONE


I get this little crystal in hand… and just want to get dolled up!

This stone seems to encourage a LOT of self care for me. Making me want to get up and get dressed, buy little things of luxury for myself… actually shopping is a big deal with this stone.

This stone think I got money lol.

Yes, I do love to shop, but most times I get by with just window shopping. But not when I have the rose quartz. It’s more like a “I need it NOW” kinda vibe.

So I tend to NOT carry this one as much when I’m out and about for fear of succumbing to it’s urges and coming home empty wallet-ed.

But having it home is GREAT since I always want to actually pamper myself whether it be a nice home cooked meal, a random luxury bath time, styling my hair in a different way, or something to that effect.


Howlite: The HOMEBODY


Haaaa, no one understands me quite like the Howlite lol.

I feel like in all three of these crystals, the howlite most closely matches my OWN normal energy. It was the first one I gravitated to when I received the package to begin with.

This stone gives such a “Netflix and Chill” vibe.

I have this stone around me and… honestly, it just makes me want to sleep. Or stay in bed, or if I must get up and do anything, it’s something around the house.

I tend to feel a lot calmer with this one, a lot more resilient in stressful situations.

I find that the howlite works GREAT in combination with the Sardonyx when I’m out and about because if something stressful happens, the howlite helps me remain calm and the Sardonyx brings me right back into a happier, more energetic mood.

Overall, the howlite is less about being jumpy and all over the place and more about just you know… chillin. Being mellow and having peace throughout the day. Which is kinda how I am anyway lol. This stone just seems to enhance that.


How Do You Use Them?


Uhh… I… really don’t know what to tell you lol.

It’s kind of just a feeling? Maybe an intuitive choice. I just choose a crystal I feel like I might need for the day and well… that’s it.

Personally, I don’t really feel anything as far as like a jolt, a shock, a tingle even. In fact, I don’t think I’ve felt any kind of physical response in touching them or having them around. But I do tend to notice the mood shifts after maybe a half hour of holding them or walking around with them, so there’s that.

I am learning how to cleanse and charge them. For now, I just hold them under running water (my faucet) for a minute or two and let them air dry in a basket where I keep them anyway.

I’m researching it little by little, but I must say, it’s actually pretty cool to be feeling the energy they’re giving me! I could use a little boost every now and again you know? 🙂


But I suppose that’s all for now! I have also just recently received another batch of crystals that I’m starting to get to know. In this package I have the Honey Calcite, the Black Obsidian, and the Larimar.

I’ve already spent a day with each one, but I’m still getting the hang of them. So far I can say I think the Honey Calcite is similar to the Sardonyx (but more focused on productivity in my case), the Black Obsidian is similar to the Howlite (but definitely one that likes to contemplate life more lol), and the Larimar might be more similar to the Rose Quartz (but it just seems to be more talkative lol).

lol These crystals are like literal characters in my life. I’m done. xD


Love you. Mean it!


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