I Used To Take SUCH Good Care Of My Hair

Welcome! To a new installment I’m going to call the “Sunday Grease“!

It’s just a place where I talk hair care, if I should ever feel like it. And right now I do. *though sometimes I may not always write this on a Sunday… 😛

I’ve been looking through some old photos and such and I remember just how much I loved taking care of my hair, especially since I’ve been natural.

My hair care regimen used to be QUITE detailed, and over the years, I’ve gotten more and more lazy with it’s upkeep. These days, I think my “regimen” suffices. But throughout the years, I feel like there is ONE regimen where I feel like my hair thrived the most.

And that regimen was… well, it started as the “Maximum Hydration Method“, but it definitely changed over time. I still refer to it as the MHM method, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a more “earthy, natural” regimen instead.

Regardless! These pictures are of the days where my hair seemed to be it’s healthiest.

My hair during a bentonite clay treatment (my “cleanser” instead of shampoo)


Hair prior to washing, had only been wearing it in a bun for a week or so…


My hair seemed to be it’s most moisturized, most thick, most healthiest it had been even throughout all my regimens!

The wash day cycles as I called them, were definitely more involved in the beginning, but over time it became easier.

Even though they were still a lot more involved than just hop in the shower, shampoo and condition, and DONE! It could still be wrapped up in a couple of hours and not necessarily take ALL DAY.

I did not use any shampoos. Clay treatments, bentonite matter of fact, were my “cleanser” and I feel like it worked out best! I started out doing these wash cycles every week, and over time I think I bounced in between doing them every week and every 2 weeks.

And I’m pretty sure my regimen was something like this:

  1. Hop in the shower to finger detangle with a conditioner of some sort. I think I also started to use a wide tooth comb sometimes, but primarily, it was still finger detangling.
  2. Mix up and apply my clay treatment which consisted of bentonite clay, water, apple cider vinegar, honey, avocado oil, and castor oil. Leave treatment in for about half an hour then rinse out completely in the shower.
  3. Apply deep conditioner and let sit overnight. Most times I would leave the DC in while I styled.


It seems simple enough, but sometimes, the biggest time-taker in this is the finger detangling stage. It can take me 45 minutes at the fastest and around 3 HOURS at the longest. -__-”

After the detangling process, life gets easier lol.

Not to mention, the products I used can be pricey and add up.



That was pretty much my regimen back in the day. My regime now is a similar simplicity, just different products…

  1. Hop in the shower to shampoo hair (yes I got into the habit of shampooing my hair before I actually detangled it).
  2. Coat in deep conditioner, and let soak in overnight. By the next day, hair is MUCH easier to detangle with my wide tooth comb. Detangle in sections and rinse.
  3. Apply moisturizer and cover with a cap, and let sit for at least 1 hour, but I usually go overnight. Style however.


With that being said… I’m going to try and get back to an au naturale kind of regimen. I don’t think my hair is incredibly “unhealthy” at this point, but I feel like it can be much better! It’s obvious to me that I’ve become increasingly lazy in taking care of my hair, especially the longer it gets.

And it sucks because I actually enjoy taking care of my hair. Wash Day has always been a time of therapy for me! And I also just recently cut and shaped it a few months ago, so it’s pretty much the same length as in those pictures.

I may get started on this kind of regimen next week, seeing as though I have already washed my hair and it’s currently deep conditioning as I type. Going to rinse that out today, slap in my moisturizer, and let that sit for the rest of the day.

Maybe I’ll report back on the status. 🙂



Love you. Mean it!

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