Haircare Therapy.

Yesterday… was a womp womp kind of day.

I don’t know why, but I was just very sad and depressed. But one thing that I like to turn to that does provide me a sense of peace… is caring for my hair.

Which is ironic since my regimen lately has been quite off and on lol.

But yesterday was the exception!

So, after a good day and a half of deep conditioning with my beloved Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Deep ConditionerI then set out to to detangle my hair into, overall 12 twists (3 in each of 4 big sections).

After detangling with a wide tooth shower, I hopped in the shower to rinse my hair fully and… well… shower.

Out of the shower, I applied yet another faithful staple in my regimen: Camille Rose Naturals Hair Milk to each twist, then covered with a plastic cap along with a scarf and let that soak in for a few hours. Since my hair is low porosity, this greenhousing method is a great way to make sure moisture actually infuses into my hair strands before I get ready to style. It also allows me some time to relax in the midst of my wash day process lol.

After some hours of letting my moisturizer marinate, I then went into each twist, worked with each tendril of the twist separately (each twist became 2 twists), applied Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter to each section and twisted it up. Tight at the root and all the way down, coiling each twist about an inch away from the ends.

After all was said and done, I had somewhere around 24 twists in my hair altogether. I then took my trusty castor oil / avocado oil / spearmint oil mixture and applied it to my scalp and massaged it in.


This Morning?



Ugh! They just look and FEEL so WONDERFUL!!!

I thought my hair might need to be dusted a bit at the ends, but nope! My twists still look incredibly healthy! Can’t wait to see the twist out it becomes!

They feel so soft and buttery! I’ve kind of gotten away from the product junkie-ism I had with hair products back in the day. The products I mentioned above I’ve been using for QUITE awhile now and they work perfectly with my hair. I don’t have a set in stone for shampoo or conditioner though, seeing as though I actually prefer doing bentonite treatments for regular cleansings anyway (whenever I feel like doing them lol).

But for the most part, the products are the same.


Suddenly, I’m a lot more interested in styling my hair these days. I’m thinking I might want to try a perm rod set… I never actually have done one that I liked and now might be a good time to try, don’t you think!?


I’m glad to have my natural hair. Not necessarily because it’s a political statement or whatever… but simply because… I just like taking care of it.

I know every now and again these days, I just kind of let my haircare regimen get away from me. And it seems like maybe the obvious choice might be to cut it, or relax it, or some other low maintenance thing… but I just love when I actually DO sit down to do my hair.

It’s therapy for me. To comb through it and see the curls pop. To twist it up and see how shiny and thick it looks once it’s started drying the next day lol. The feel of it, the shrinkage of it all, natural hair, for me, is a joy to have! And it’s always been. 🙂


Love you. Mean it!

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