Getting It Started!

I got in an order from Botanical Interests today and lol, I didn’t realize I had ordered so much… again.

I got a lot of peppers, tomatoes, herbs, leafy greens, and random stuff. And I also received the seeds I intended to start my indoor mini garden with…

Cherry Tomatoes!!

A determinant style that will be shrubby and I guess, fairly small… I’m thinking lol.

I came across a little thing called “Companion Planting” and have decided to try it out by planting in 2 sets of cherry tomatoes with Lemon Balm seeds on one side and Cilantro seeds on the other side.

I’ve never tried this before but, let’s be real, I’ve never grown anything to harvest either. *sad noises*

But this time, I’m going for great results! Better believe I prayed over this endeavor too.

I told you I was gonna use a cardboard box.

You thought I was kidding?

Nope. I’m literally using a cardboard box from an Amazon package and some of the pouring soil I had prior to. It’s a moisture control mix, it’s something.

I actually forgot to poke holes into the bottom, but after watering, the water leaked out of the sides so I’m good lol. I have the box on a towel so it’ll drain out into that and not go all over the place.

As you can see, I wrote on each flap the order in which all of my seeds were planted so that I remember no matter which the box is turned lol.

And while I’m at it, the compost is slowly but surely filling up. I gotta be honest, I don’t know if I’m doing this all right…

I know I’ve been filling it up with goodness though! Just now, it’s got carrot scraps, and more tomato bits added to it with some coffee grounds that I poured into it. I don’t drink coffee, I just bought a small $1.50 pack and poured a little in there just cause….

This was before adding in the next batch of nutrients (cut up orange peels, kale bits and tomato chunks). Looking real hefty these days and smells like strong dirt. 💪

Alright well, that’s the update thus far. Let’s hope I really stick with it this time around. It’s urgent to do so now…

Love you. Mean it!

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