Gardening… Part 2.

So, earlier back in 2020, I first tried to start a garden. A garden of yellow squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and red bell peppers.

Ambitious right?

It most certainly was!

I didn’t know much about gardening the way I thought I did lol and so, due to my not realizing the importance of transplanting… and timing… every single seedling suffered at the hands of my incompetence.

And uhhhh, now we’re back a year later… trying it again.

Here lately, God has put it heavy on my heart to start buying seeds. Buying LOTS of seeds. For someone who hasn’t grown a THING, I sure have a growing collection of seed packets lol!

I even just bought a good handful more today!

And so today, I felt inspired to get up and start up some new seedlings today. I have two pots worth of tomato seeds, and two pots worth of red bell pepper seeds.

For my area, I believe that it’s good to go ahead and start these seedlings now for a late harvest in November-ish. I’ll be so excited to be able to pluck my own tomatoes and red bell peppers and not have to fight for them at the grocery store! xD

I can’t wait! Sooo, join me this time on my journey to a fruitful harvest! We are going to get some fruit this season!


1 Corinthians 3:6

Love you. Mean it!

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