Fresh Out The Trunk?

Finally got around to packing up more of my place, and while rummaging through some oldies but goodies, I began to break down this mountain of yarn that I had collected over the years.

Seriously. It’s a MOUNTAIN of YARN.

Suddenly, I was just overwhelmed with all the memories of crocheting day in and day out. I just KNEW that one day, those little handcrafted accessories were going to help me skyrocket out of those current hardships.

It actually was a pretty desperate time for me when I first started crocheting as a business. I was, well, semi-homeless. Hopping from friend to friend with my family and not having any real stability for at least a year.

I remember spending many nights in my car in the parking lot of Publix at night just crocheting my fingers to the bone. Ughhhh, I can never forget those times.

It’s times like that where you realize how badly you want to survive, but wonder if you’ll ever be capable enough to make it through…


Haaaa, good ol’ Fresh Out The Trunk.


When I started telling people what the name of my new hustle was, I immediately felt ashamed of it. I even remember one guy telling me that “Fresh Out The Trunk” sounded as if I was selling drugs out of the back of my car lol. And yeah, I laugh about it now, but at the time, I took it pretty personally.

I don’t know how that definition even slipped by me. But the reason why I named it that was because I had literally started that entire business out of the trunk of my car. I didn’t have a cute office room to keep it in.

All of the orders I made were sealed in cheap dollar store ziploc bogs and neatly packed in a bright blue bin that I kept in the trunk of my car. And I just never wanted to change the name. Never even thought about it.

Eventually, when I got on my feet again, I just kind of left crocheting altogether. It was still rocky,

but at least it wasn’t where I was.

Rummaging through all that yarn brought all those feelings back to me for a split second. And in the same instant lol, I came across a bunch of products in ziploc bags that had been stuffed away for what seems like ages now.

So alas, I grabbed my mannequin head and slipped on one of the hats that I still had and began to snap pictures of it. Using my snazzy skills I’ve sharpened from my full time job, I recolored and retouched it a bit and uploaded to my shop.

After I uploaded it to Pinterest and started to promote it through ads. It’s the first time I’m ever using ads on pinterest. But one of my goals for this month, this quarter really, is to promote my business more.

Especially with the massive reduction in my salary, I need to be able to figure out to bring in any extra income if I can. And what better way to build income than to shred through all of this extra yarn I have?

Turn it all into beautiful crafts that others can enjoy!



Well, I started with this one hat to see who all would be interested. So far, it’s starting to already take off on Pinterest and I’ve already had some visits. Seems like a pretty good sign! I don’t intend to sell the old ones, I’ll just make new ones from scratch so that everything can be fresh for my customers. :]

I’m pretty excited! Maybe I should get back to crocheting and make regular items apart of my shop? It would be a nice ode to Fresh Out The Trunk… the hustle that started it all.


Love you. Mean it!



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