First Time Fertilizer!

Ok, so aside from adding my chunky compost to my cherry tomato plants the first time around, I haven’t fertilized since…

Wasn’t sure, they appeared to be doing fine. And then planting the potatoes left me with pretty much NOTHING to spare, so they had to wait anyway for me to try and rebuild the supply.

And I had been building up a pretty decent supply this time around. This compost had gotten full of more soil, coffee grounds, onions, tomatoes, avocado seed peelings, wilting spinach leaves and ripped up cardboard!


But today, Big Sis (the new name for my biggest/first cherry tomato plant) was looking reeeeaaaal sad. Her leaves were kinda droopy and the top set were curling inward.

I guess I just kinda felt like perhaps it was critically due for some more fertilizer of some sort.

So… after a moment of prayer, I grabbed up my compost mix, as chunky as it was, and began to kinda mulch around the plants (my first 2 cherry tomato plants), mixing in the compost with soil by hand to the best of my ability. Then I covered the top with some more soil for a finished, more leveled appearance lol.

Note to self… buy some stakes or a trellis or something 😂

Watered them both deeply to make sure everything soaked through. And well, here we are!

Two freshly fertilized cherry tomato plants! You already know I’ll be watching over them for the next few days to a week to observe the progress.

This as new to me as it is to you lol.

But we seem to be doing, eh?! Yeah! All praises to the Most High Ahayah for guiding me through all of this! He knows what His plants need!

Love you. Mean it!

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