Feelin’ Like An Ice Cream Cone!

I’ve gotten back into crocheting these past few days and I truly had an urge to create something nice and colorful and feeling like a sweet treat! XD

Using a combination of chocolate brown, khaki brown, baby pink and a raspberry to tie it all together, here is my cute little napoleon ice cream flavored beanie with matching wrist warmers!

If you like the design of these wrist warmers, this is actually a pattern I purchased from Etsy. Super simple to follow for a fairly new beginner… one that knows all the lingo and basic stitches at least. 🙂

Eventually, my goal is to get some silk or satin fabric to line the inside of my beanie, and maybe something light to line the inside of my wrist warmers?

I’ve never lined anything so this is completely new territory lol. I am now currently back to working on this big, huge-mongous blanket I’ve been working on for like the past 3 years! 😫

But I’m sure that once I finish it, it’ll be all worth the struggle!

Love you. Mean it!

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