Farm Rio Haul!

I am so VERY excited to get THIS haul in today! I feel like it’s my first time really indulging into a more “luxury brand” of clothing.

Look, any time you’re spending over a hundred dollars for ONE thing, it’s luxury to me, ok?

I work in a retail company that manages many different designers, and every year we have old ones go and new ones come in. THIS year, I’m excited that we actually had Farm Rio as one of our new vendors!

And I was completely excited because I could use my company discount! 🙂

Farm Rio clothing has caught my eye for a bit now. I just love the cool funky patterns and relaxed, easy styles of their clothing. They’re just the perfect prints and clothing for me! So I ended buying from both my company and Farm Rio’s main site.


I actually had NO patience whatsoever, and so I ripped into the box before taking pictures of everything lol. Sorry… But I do want to show you what I ended up getting!


The Manuela Dress

Courtesy of Farm Rio
Farm Rio Image


The Manuela Dress is something I ended up purchasing from their main site but I just thought it was SOO gorgeous, I had to try it! Unfortunately for me, Farm Rio works with Afterpay… *gulp… which made it all too easy to add to cart…

Now that it’s here, it is honestly WELL worth it!

The website states that it’s made out of cotton and silk and it feels SO nice to the touch. A very light fabric that is PERFECT for summertime weather!

It is a halter dress and it’s embellished with beautiful multi-colored beaded tassels at the end that drape down your back! I was a bit worried about the middle part thinking that it wouldn’t provide much give, given that I um… I have a mid-section to be working on currently lol. But surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard to get into!

I ordered a medium and it did feel a bit tight, but since I’m currently edging into losing weight, I feel like this size is fine for me to keep and will fit way better the more weight I lose.

The v-neckline isn’t as deep as thought it’d be and I actually felt pretty comfortable with it. Even comfortable enough to go bra-less in it! I don’t think you could wear even a strapless bra with it given that the back is SO open. At the most, maybe some nipple covers for extra coverage, but even that wasn’t very necessary.

And it zips on the SIDE and not the back which is a plus in my book! Side zippers are always so much easier to get in and out of than back zippers lol.

I did find, though, that even with the knee length lining the dress came with, it still wasn’t enough for me. I feel like my underwear was still a little visible, but I do have a slip to put on underneath it which takes care of all of that. Overall, I still really do love this dress and it looks GREAT!

I feel like I should be on an island vacation with some kind of papaya drink with a tiny umbrella lol.




The Rainbow Macaw Sweatshirt

Courtesy of Farm Rio
Farm Rio Image


The Macaws!!!

I absolutely HAD to have this print in SOMETHING lol. And I absolutely love jackets and sweatshirts, so this was a no brainer.

Another purchase from the main site, and it states that it is comprised of polyester, cotton and elastane.

I can tell you right off the bat… the inside of this sweatshirt is so. DangCOZY!!!!

It literally feels like a plush blanket in there! lol

I feel like the sweatshirt is an over-sized fit, so for my liking, I probably could’ve gotten away with a size down, but if you get your true size, it’s still a cozy fit, just a little… well, baggy.

It definitely hits over your hips. For me, I’m over six feet and it hit at maybe my full hips. The sleeves are long and loose and overall, this is just a great feeling sweatshirt!! Definitely a nice pullover to have if you’re sitting in a cold area or even when the weather starts getting cooler.




The Pink Cocoa Dress

Courtesy of Farm Rio
Farm Rio Image


THIS!!! Dress is what started it all!!

I got this dress from my company, and luckily at a discounted price. From what I see, this is currently Farm Rio’s newest release and I am SO glad I got my hands on it!

It is my absolute FAVORITE out of all three! The print, the colors, the style of it is just EVERYTHING!

If I were you, I would get this dress according to your bust size, cause that’s the only size that matters with this dress. It comes with an adjustable drawstring right underneath the bust area that also has the beautiful multi-colored beaded tassels at the end and they just hang down the front.

It’s tiered and ruffled all the way down and has a nice texture to it that I can’t really explain what it is. It just feels SO good!

This dress is 100% cotton and so flowy and beautiful! I should mention that if you’re over six feet, the dress will probably hit just above your ankles, cause that’s where it lands on me… which was a little disappointing.

It’s so hard to find maxi dress that are ACTUALLY a maxi and don’t end up being a bootleg midi on me lol.

But otherwise, ABSOULTELY WORTH IT!!! I still love this dress! The way it flows down from the bust camouflages everything else underneath… so if you’re bloated or don’t feel like wearing anything even remotely fitted, a dress in this style is your best bet!




And That’s It!

That’s my little haul from Farm Rio (for now!) and so far, I have a really good impression of them! It’s also wonderful that with every purchase they get, they have a tree planted in the Amazon Forest which I really enjoy!

Well… I’m gonna go play in my dresses now. 🙂


Love you. Mean it!



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