Dressing Up Everyday In May… Challenge.

For some reason, these days I have been feeling the urge to burst out of my bland bubble and dive into more expressive fashions!

The thing is, I’ve been doing so much browsing (and purchasing) online because I felt like my current wardrobe was just too bland for what I was going for.

But I decided to kind of browse through my closet anyways and a pleasant surprise was realizing I already had lots of pieces that I adored that I almost NEVER wear, IF I do.


Some things still have a tag on it…

I’ve found though that I think I do have an underlying idea of what my personal style is. It’s just loud and crazy, and probably too attention-seeking for the environment I live in. A place where the casual/rolled-out-of-bed look is more of a perfected art than just a chance of beauty.

I live in a very suburban, borderline rural area. You won’t hear too many clinking heels and see too many flashy prints around here lol! And in all honesty, I LOVE living in rural/suburban areas because it’s much less noise and busyness.

BUT, a downside I guess is that if I start dressing up the way I really want, I can GAURUNTEE I’ll stick out like a sore thumb…

But you know… I already do anyways sooo… whatever.

I’ve been doing a little dressing up every now and then really since the year started. But I think in May, I’m going to try and dress up


I already know the act of putting on cute clothes, coordinating and creating a striking ensemble, imo, makes me feel GREAT! And um, that’s the only reason I wanna do this lol.

I’ve gotten WAAAY too comfortable with perfecting my rolled-out-of-bed look and I just want to start putting on CLOTHES again.

Haha, the thing is, even pre-pandemic, I actually STILL didn’t dress up the way I intend to NOW. I guess I’m just hitting a point in my life where I’m just like screw it. I wanna do more things that bring me joy and cute clothes are one of them!

So without further adieu, HERE is my Day 1 put together:



You may recognize those Linear Palazzo Pants from my NYC Closet review post. I hadn’t completely decided on keeping them yet, so I figured today would be a GREAT time to try them out.

Paired those with this random blouse that my mom actually bought for me awhile ago, but I just never wore. Popped the tag this morning and I actually really love the way it looks!

And I finally broke out my Cinderella-worthy red slippers! Wait, who had the red slippers? Was it Cinderella? Or Dorothy??

WHOEVER had the red shoes, I’m stealing them today! lol

Those shoes are soooooo old and I think I’ve only ever wore them once! Mostly because they hurt to wear, but also because they’re SO glittery and shiny, I always felt a little out of place wearing them lol. But I guess not today!

My hair is down in a twist-out style and… I’m not wearing accessories cause I don’t really have any I like that would go with this outfit lol.


And ummm, I don’t have anywhere to go

today. -_-

Honestly that’s ok. The act of getting dressed alone finally got me up out of bed and moving around the house and wanting to do stuff! If anything, I may end up stopping in the grocery store to pick up a few things or whatever, we’ll see.

But Day 1’s put together is definitely a success!! I feel really cute today! xD


Love you. Mean it!

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