Dreaming of Advice…

Lol you know, this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten life advice from Ahayah in my dreams.

The first that I can remember recently was about changing the spark plugs in my car. Second piece of advice was about not worrying about the winter season. And now this advice… packing soil around my little cilantro plants to help them keep standing up.

Yes, I literally had a dream of me packing soil around my one leggy cilantro plant and then I heard “wake up!” Lol.

So… I got up and went and did as Ahayah had advised and you know what? I feel better about it. 🙂 I decided to add a little soil around all my cilantro plants even though I was only truly worried about one and they all looking a little better to me.

And also!

I have discovered something amazing the other day! You know that last, feisty little cherry tomato seedling that surged up out of nowhere at the last minute?

How about that seedling is blessed?

😂 not kidding!

I just noticed that it sprouted with 3 cotyledon leaves.

I had never seen that before, like EVER lol. So I did a little light research on it and discovered that a seedling that emerges with 3 leaves instead of 2 will be a plant that produces 50% more fruitage than an average plant.

🤣😁 well, I did pray for an abundant harvest lol.

I’m just laughing to myself at the irony lol but it’s truly a whole blessing! This one here is the REAL Samakh!

Love you. Mean it!

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