Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

Today, I am getting ready to part ways with my security deposit money.

Yes, I have finally signed the lease on the new home and I’m getting ready to fork over what seems like my entire life savings thus far.

I’ve been starting to think about the way all of these events have unfolded since 2020 began. When I first envisioned the year of 2020, I really envisioned myself traveling.

At the end of March, I was supposed to go on a trip to Colorado so that I could see snow for the first time in my life! And later on this year, I intended to venture out to Canada but… we’ll see how THAT turns out.

In the midst of all of this adventurous planning, I DID want to move. But I just figured that traveling and moving might be too much to strive for in one year.

But so far, it seems like one trip has already been cancelled. And in place of that, I’m moving into a new HOUSE. This is a venture that I definitely did not plan for but I am entirely welcome to!

I have come to terms that with me already making such a big life change in April, if I could just do this and go to Canada in August for my birthday, 2020 might be the best year ever! At least in a loooooong time.

Welp, I just paid it. 😀

This is it. In less than two weeks I am OFF to my new way of living. Right now, I can hear music thumping from somewhere around my apartment. That’s ONE thing I’ll be glad to be rid of.

So, why did I continue to pursue moving in the midst of an economical crisis?

Well, because I’m Kraizy.

No but seriously, I had my reasons. In fact, a couple days ago my apartment complex sent me my renewal letter. I suppose it’s due to the pandemic, but if I chose to stay another year, my rent would literally be the SAME price I’m paying. It only went up $2!!!

For the house I’m moving into, I’m jumping up at least a couple hundred dollars in difference. I even called my leasing office to make sure that if I chose to stay and cancel my 30 day notice, could I still renew at the new rate they sent me and she confirmed those were the correct prices.

I couldn’t believe it! And so I stalled on my application with the house. I had to really think about just what I was going to give up in order to get something new.

And when I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that if I chose to stay, it was purely because it was financially smart and familiar.

That was it.

I could obviously save more money. And I was used to the neighborhood so there was no struggle there. And… that was it.

But as far as improving the quality of my life, I would be happier with the house:


I would have SPACE to put ALL of this business equipment that I’ve accumulated over the years. And it’s not just tiny stuff, I’ve got a dual monitor desktop setup, two studio soft box lights, a big desk, bigger tripods and cameras, plus I STILL need a setup for my filming area since I’m trying to do better with my YouTube channel.

Not to mention ALL of the planner supplies I’ve racked up as well. My bedroom is not even a bedroom anymore. It’s a bed in the middle of an office lol.


It would be quieter. My neighbors aren’t necessarily always LOUD, but because I am really sensitive to noise, I hear EVERYTHING. And in apartments, even the tiniest noise travels throughout the entire building.

The reason why I feel taking care of this now would be a major improvement to my quality of life is because I can not FOCUS when it’s even slightly noisy. I’ve had to stop working several times in the middle of working because noise just bothers me so much and I can also feel it’s vibrations.

Sometimes, after a long day of working on computers whether from my full time job or my personal business, I’d just like to be able to SLEEP when I feel sleepy. Not after another 3 hours of hearing rock music blaring up from beneath me while in bed. Or being awaken at 4 in the morning to the sound of what seems like children re-enacting a wrestling match upstairs. Sheesh!


The one thing I miss about being in a house is having a backyard. And I realize how much I took them for granted the longer I stayed in my current apartment. There are just some things I like in having a fenced in backyard that I don’t necessarily get with just having a screened in patio on the second floor.

One of those things being privacy. I don’t really enjoy trying to relax in front of an entire parking lot of cars. Another thing is the ability to freely create more things!

I can do many more projects that would’ve been a tight squeeze in this apartment. Things like expanding my garden, repainting a lot of my furniture and maybe even trying woodworking and building things from scratch! I can already FEEL my creative spirit emerging and I just can’t WAIT.

Besides, what with the current economy, this is a GREAT time to start trying to get crafty and re-purpose all of my old furniture.

I could also finally consider getting that aussie pup I’ve always wanted too! 🙂


You don’t know how good you have it with parking until you live in a cramped apartment complex.

And don’t work long hours and come back home with a backseat full of groceries and you have to make multiple trips. Or even getting caught in the rain.

And now that everyone is quarantined, don’t try leaving to go get any essentials or whatever. Those parking spots are always up for grabs as soon as I put the car in reverse!

I will be glad to be able to come home at any time I want and KNOW that I will always have a spot in front of my house. Matter of fact, it’s in a garage! Which is all the more better because yay! No more running through the rain and muddy puddles trying not to get soaked!

It was the one thing I didn’t realize I needed until so many new residents started moving in to this apartment complex.


I am basically moving to a new town. Where I’m going NOW is what my current neighborhood WAS when I first moved here.

It was pretty rural. Lots of nature and beautiful sunshine everywhere. Not too many residents and the ones who were here were pretty low key and friendly. The stores weren’t filled to the brim with people every hour, the traffic was light and there weren’t many traffic lights.

I can always tell when a place is getting too busy for me when they start putting traffic lights everywhere.

It was a lot more peaceful than what it’s become now and… I’m really starting to hate it. I moved out of the city because I wanted peace and now it seems like this place is becoming a new little city. It’s just gotten to be too cramped and it really is time for me to go.

And lastly,


Since I’ve been here, this complex has done nothing but take away key features I enjoyed every single year. And steadily hiking up the prices as they did so.

Now, I’m pretty friendly with the leasing office, at least who’s LEFT of the people I originally came on board with.

This place has changed management and some of the key people I knew are gone. Along with that, they took away the car washing facility that I thoroughly enjoyed! (Oh yeah! I also get to wash my own car again! Yesss!!!) Simplified the valet trash pick up without simplifying the price, reduced the water we could use, that crappy gate and the people who tailgate you in, not to mention the increase in security (which really worried me), and the list really goes on.

I would think if you are someone just moving in, this apartment still isn’t half bad. It really isn’t! Which is why I loved it so much!

They do lots of things with the community, I guess the community is still safe compared to some others and it’s still a beautiful place to be. It’s close to a lot of local stores and highways so it’s very convenient and overall just GREAT!

But, coming from someone whose been here four years and witnessed all the recent changes, it was actually a LOT better! And I guess that’s just where my personal distress is coming from.

It’s changed so much from when I moved in and I just feel kind of slighted. Like I’m paying so much more rent for half the features I had when I first got here, you know?

So like I said…

The only reason I would’ve chose to stay at my current apartment is because it’s the financially smart decision and also because it’s familiar to me. But given all the points mentioned above, I feel in my heart that choosing the house was the better decision.

I’m aware that things could change and a job loss is possible. But the way I see it is, even if I DID lose my job, I would still have to worry about keeping THIS apartment as well. So whether it be this apartment or the new house, I would still be worrying.

But, it could also be incredibly optimistic too.

That perhaps everything does look up in a matter of months. And I’d be able to keep my new home and grow into it and advance in my life.

That’s how I’M choosing to look at it.

And I have to be honest, I feel more good about this change than I do bad. But only time will tell.

Love you. Mean it!

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