Did I Ever Tell You About My Trees? 🥴

So…. when I was a youngin of some sorts, I would go over to my nana’s house right? In her backyard, they had a lot of fruit trees, but one particular one was my absolute FAVORITE!!!

It’s called a loquat tree

Google image

These little fruits are absolutely DELICIOUS but ummmmm…. they ain’t as abundant where I’m at now. *sad noises*

So… I set out to find some seeds. Not sure why I thought it was a great idea to start trying to grow a tree lol, but alas. I did!

I found a site FINALLY that sells loquat seeds because, reasons. I figured it might probably be time on my hands anyway, so why not go ahead and try to grow them and possibly have them better acclimate to a different environment? I’m pretty sure that’s a benefit when growing from seed, right?

I ordered a pack of 5, but they ended up sending me a bonus 5! Although for now I have only planted 5 and at the moment the just chilling on the windowsill.

Apparently, the lack of fancy casing earned me a bonus 5 seeds!

I actually planted them the same time I planted my herb garden and transplanted the tomatoes lol, so at the moment they’re all almost 2 weeks old. 10 days to be exact.

And they seem to be thriving so far. Not really too much to see with these guys but… they are TREES lol and not just plants.

If they all sprout and grow, I’ll probably give a couple away. I at least want to keep 2 or 3.

Love you. Mean it!

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