Day 7 – “Leopard Lady”

I know, I know, I KNOW! I missed yesterday ONLY because I got chaotically BUSY out of nowhere! I didn’t have time to think about putting something together or even hobbling into anything cute. It was a landfall of work and visitors lol. The one day I probably should’ve been dressed up was the only day I wasn’t. Haaaa…


So but anyways!

Today, I decided to just pick up from where I left off. Now that I was feeling a bit better from the initial visit of Aunt Flo, I felt like doing a little more with my wardrobe today.

Too bad today was rudely disrupted but… we’ll get into that.


Leopard Lady


We had to give the leopard look a little peek for the time being! This was actually a new blouse that I had got maybe a couple months ago? So it’s still fairly new.

Paired that with some dark denim skinny jeans from New York & Company and lastly my black Ipanema sandals! Today was actually the first day of wearing them since I didn’t actually go anywhere in the last outfit I had them with.

I ended up pairing this with some gold hoops and even slicked my hair back into a low ponypuff (ponytail for the naturals lol). I felt so cute again!


And so I go out into the day to try and run a few errands… and wonderfully enough… my car starts acting up.


First it was shaking a bit, which I assumed was probably the rotors so I was planning to go get THAT checked out but today… now the steering wheel wants to try and start locking.

Thank God I actually managed to make it home from where I was when it started going crazy. I was a good 20 minute drive from home, which sounds like it would be quick, but with the way my car was going, it felt LONG.

I just drove slow and tried to take roads that didn’t require me to stop constantly since that when it seemed to act worse. When I try to brake.

I’m thinking it needs more power steering fluid, but then it could also be a leak, so I still need to get it checked out. I’ve already spoke with my mechanic, thank goodness he’ll be able to look at it in a few days.


But it’s just something I’ve noticed that’s kind of been killing my spirit for dressing up.

I feel like every time I dress up and try to go out for the day… something always comes up to put a damper on my day. The last time I went out was in my Bubblegum Artist put together, and like 10 minutes into Michaels, my phone randomly died out of nowhere (at 50% and then BAM…dead, and then, miraculously, the charger in my car was no longer working.

I know I have old electronics and everything, but it’s just kind of a pattern. That’s not the only thing that’s been happening but I don’t want to go there. It just kind of makes me feel like what I do, or what I’m trying to do is entirely pointless. I almost want to call this whole thing a quit since stuff only seems to go wrong when I’m trying to dress up or just do something new…

I don’t really like to get on here and express my sadness, but it’s getting annoying like can I just have a GOOD DAY already? Dang.


Rant over. 🙂


Love you. Mean it!

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