Day 5 – “Somewhat Safari”

So yesterday’s super snuggly outfit was just what I needed to get through the first day of Aunt Flo.

Today, I still wanted to wear something a bit dark because.. well… reasons.

So with that being said, I decided to slip into an outfit that I will call…


Somewhat Safari



I decided to break out some shorts today! Taking my chocolate brown shorts that, again, I’ve had forever lol. Along with a black tank top with a built in shelf bra, and to go over that is a tan top with a huge zebra print on the back with a draping backside.

The reason I’m even wearing the black tank top under it is because of the draping back of the shirt I wanted to wear. The front side of the zebra shirt is rather plain, but I do love the back of it!

Paired that with some brand spanking new Ipanema sandals! Ya’ll, Ipanema’s are the BEST in my opinion! I need a few more different colors but they are some of the most comfiest, cute sandals I’ve ever had! Love them!


Other than that, I pulled my hair back into a low ponypuff (still haven’t washed it yet) with a black headband and gold hoop earrings.

A rather chill, but still kind of dressed up day, don’t you think?


Love you. Mean it!

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