Day 4 – “Netflix and Chill”

Haaaa, today, good ol’ Aunt Flo wanted to visit! ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)


It explains why I wanted to be so comfy in yesterday’s outfit. That cotton tee turned out to be pretty versatile yesterday.

I started out wearing it with my blue chevron high waist pants, and ended the day wearing it with some denim knee shorts. It switches look fairly easily imo! Definite must keep!


But as for TODAY…

Obviously I felt little to no urge to get all fancified but in true committed spirit, I got up and tried to fix up even just a tad.

So today’s outfit is none other than….


Netflix and Chill



Yes, a simple sweatsuit with a black tee. And I suppose I’m cheating a bit here since I already wear this sweatsuit a LOT.

It’s such a soft and cozy two piece and it’s all I felt like wearing today. It’s borderline pajamas I know, but whatever. I still considered this kind of dressy, especially with the accessories I chose!

This is what I decided to pair with this outfit:



The greatest, most useful accessory of the day! XD


Ok, I’m kidding (not really lol).

But I did have some cute burgundy earrings I wanted to wear with them.



These were a clearance steal from Target some months ago. Aren’t they cute!? They’re probably my ONLY actual statement earrings I have (for now). And I’m choosing to wear them today!

As for my hair, right now, it’s stylin’ and wildin’ in a big, bedhead-worthy old twist out because I never got around to washing it yesterday. I will try to get that done today though. But for right now, it actually looks magnificent!

Yup, I’ve perfected my rolled-out-of-bed look today! lol


So but anyways… that’s gonna be all for this update ya’ll. Hope you all have a wonderful, cozy Tuesday!


Love you. Mean it!

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