Day 3 – “Chevron Blues”

Yesterday… was a great day for that bright and colorful outfit! I almost wanted to go to sleep in it… nah I’m kidding!

Had it not been for me sitting down to film, edit, and upload a haul video (something I haven’t done in a hot lil’ minute), I probably would’ve spent that time trying to create some abstract paintings to hang in my home.

I was just feeling the creative vibes all throughout the day! Almost like I should’ve went to an art gallery of some sort… a museum? Maybe!


But so far, it’s a favorite of the styles I’ve conjured up so far.


Today though, especially since I got to bed rather late last night, I woke up feeling not so enthusiastic about having to pick out another outfit and get dressed.

I was perfectly comfortable being complacent in my pjs for the day. And the last thing on my mind was getting dressy.

Honestly, even as I sit here typing this, I’m still ready to crawl back into bed lol.

But I said… “No… c’mon you LIVE in pajamas! Make May the most of your inner fashionista!” and with that minor motivational pep talk… here we are!

I’m calling this ensemble,


the Chevron Blues!



As you can see, it’s simple. To me at least lol. Very toned down in colors, and the material of the clothing is crazy comfortable. I take these pics before I get dressed (obviously) so I chose the shoes before I really understood how sleepy I am.

If I end up going anywhere today, I’m not wearing those shoes ya’ll lol. I’m not sure what I’ll wear, I’m honestly not trying to GO anywhere to be honest.

It would’ve been quite a new achievement though, since I have never worn ANY of the heels I’ve bought in my life. At least, none of the high/stiletto heels such as these.

The shirt is a nice 100% cotton tee that, again, I’ve had in my wardrobe for YEARS. lol


The amount of styles I’m coming across with clothes I already own is honestly, crazy!


Here I am trying to figure out and re-create my personal style when it’s LITERALLY been locked away in my closet for all this time! If anything, the only thing I’m in dire need of is ACCESSORIES.

So far, I haven’t had a need to buy anything new, and yet all the outfits I’ve been coming up with are new to me.

Goes to show how much I dress up compared to how much I want to dress up, eh?

The shirt I ended up tucking into the pants, which are high waisted with wide legs. Everything about this put together is COMFY. You could legit sleep in this outfit, it’s that cozy lol.

I finished this off by putting my hair into a sort of messy bun with a black headband and some ivory floral stud earrings that I’ve also had for some years now.

Overall, a really simple, really low key outfit and I like that.

I mean it’s not TOO low key, it’s still more dressed up than what I normally go for. But it’s low key enough for me!

Today I also got a chance to use this new handheld steamer I got too!



I almost thought it didn’t work because when I first turned it on, it kept making noise and vibrating. After reading the reviews on Amazon, I found that that seems to be a normal thing.

So I kept on pressing the steaming button for a couple minutes and eventually it started working like a charm! Steamed my cotton shirt in minutes!!


I’m so glad to have this little steamer, I actually really love steaming my clothes, as opposed to ironing them.


Love you. Mean it!

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