Day 2 – “The Bubblegum Artist”

Well, yesterday, I ended up staying home completely in my very red put together lol.

I ended up doing a lot of stuff around the house that had been needing some getting done. Since I had been down for awhile due to breathlessness, which now I’m thinking was just anxiety, I’m finally been getting back into my old routine of things.




Ohhhhhh toDAY! Called for a little extra flavor!


Surprisingly, this was all stuff that I already had in my closet that’s been begging to see the light of day! lol

Today, I almost didn’t dress up. I know, second day in and almost failed. But I ended up going for a nice, energizing 45 minute walk outside, something I’ve been doing daily for the past couple of weeks.

I come home, cook a nice omelet and shower when I finally decided to go ahead and pick out something cute to wear for the day, and this was the outfit that happened!

A pink blazer that I’ve had for YEARS, probably close to a decade and have probably only worn maybe twice. A blue shirt that was an old work shirt that I never thought to try and dress up. Plus some paint splatter jeans that I got two years ago from New York & Company paired with some Ipanema sandals, the most comfortable sandals EVER lol, in navy blue.

I was so into this outfit, I also dived into some of my accessories to REALLY try and pull everything together.



I dug down DEEP into my closet to find this cute black and white clutch that, also, is YEARS old. This was actually a Goodwill find for $4! Can you believe that!? The only reason I remember that is because I was SO proud of finding that deal!

Also added in some simple silver loops and a silver belt that I forgot I even had.

All of this stuff in my closet that’s just been collecting dust and I could’ve been stylin’ and profilin’ all this time! xD

But it’s ok, it’s nice to know I still have them and that it all still fits.

I wore my hair down in another chunky twist out and also decided to wear contact lenses since my glasses have gold in them and I was doing the silver today.


I took this look out on a short trip outside. Really just to head to the post office to pick up some mail as well as a quick browse through Michaels.

I picked up a handful of Acrylic paint and paintbrushes. I have some canvases that I want to try and create some art with to hang up around my room (still working on that you know…).

In Michaels, I did meet a nice lady who complimented me on my paint splatter jeans. She saw my hands full of paint and asked if I did them. Haaa, I WISH! But that’s actually an idea that I might give a whirl!

I’ll have to look into that. 🙂


Overall, yet another success in my book! It’s always a success if it makes you feel good! Right?


Love you. Mean it!

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